Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Family Tradition

Memorial Day means a lot of things to a lot of people. But, I am pretty sure that we are the only folks that look forward to a time of SHEEP SHEARING!

Somehow, it’s become our family tradition to spend the day shearing the sheep.  Well, Blondie shears, I act as her assistant.  Yesterday was year 5 of our mom-daughter sheep shearing event.  Did you read this one?  It all started when she got her first “real” job and found she had to get the farm work done in her “free” time.

Every year is a different experience.  Last year was oppressively hot, but this year was quite cool and we spent the day wondering if it would rain. The possibility of rain was rather worrisome as Blondie has another annual tradition.  Once she finishes the sheep, she heads to her in-laws to help haul in the first hay of the season. (she was a little disappointed to find that this year things weren’t going according to plan and the hay hauling would probably have to wait)

I think we make a pretty good mother-daughter team. 

Over the years, we have spent far more time together in barns than we’ve ever spent at the mall.  We’ve done a lot of talking, laughing, fussing and cussing down in the sheep shed.  Experience raising lambs, showing and buying lambs, followed by a stint of working in animal health makes Blondie my go-to girl when the sheep are not doing well.

Here are a few shots of the shearing process.

When Blondie’s not shearing, or working her “regular” job, she and the hubs are busy growing things on their own place.  Following in the old folks footsteps, she is also a vendor at the Staunton/Augusta Farmers Market.  Check this out. Country Rhodes Produce.

A few "after" shots

Another year of shearing behind us, it’s time to turn the ewes out for summer grazing, clean up the wool left behind in the barn and sent the clipper blades off for re-sharpening.

…and say…

Thank You  to Blondie for a job well done.  You rock! 

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