Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 6-16

Time is sure flying…can’t decide if that means that I am really having FUN…or just getting OLD.

last view of the bottle lamb
Monday’s torrential rains gave way to a beautiful Tuesday. We hauled lambs to Edinburg, and finally got the garlic harvested from the muddy garden.

But, then there were storm clouds on the horizon once again.  When the weather forecast included the word “derecho”, I must admit I was more than a little bit concerned.  After last year’s experience, I’m hoping we never have weather like that again.  Did you read these? 

Despite the forecast and any worries associated with it, we didn’t get any rain, didn’t lose power, it was pretty much a non-event.  YAY!

The wet conditions have given way to new issues. 

Every time it’s very wet, Ellie ends up with sore ears.  Years ago, I hauled her to the vet and learned how to care for and clean her ears.  While she seems to appreciate the end result, she doesn’t like that bottle of stuff headed at her….and if I say “ears” she shakes her head and runs off.  Hopefully, in another couple days she’ll be fine once more.

Ellie and lambs waiting out the rain in the barn

In addition being wet, it is now quite warm.  That means that the battle of the bugs and slugs has begun in earnest.  Unfortunately, it’s not the bugs versus the slugs…we are battling all sorts of creepy crawlies that want to eat the vegetables.

While it is sad that strawberry season is over for the year, we did have one last scrumptious dessert!

I harvested the first cauliflower of the year…it was delicious. 

We will have cauliflower and cabbage to take to next Saturday’s Market.  It won’t be too long before we have green beans, as well.  

…and look…a tiny, red potato! 
It was nice to have a fairly full vegetable stand for the Market, and have lots of stuff to re-stock it with throughout the morning. I must say, this season has been completely different than last year!

Speaking of the Market, we had some visitors this week.  One of the Boss’ cyber friends and his wife were travelling through the area and stopped by to visit us.  It was great to meet Scott and Joanne!  …and Ian should have gotten an award for being the most well-behaved dog at the Market.  We hope they’ll come see us again.

…and now it’s Sunday once more…

Thanks for stopping by…come back again.

           Happy Sunday!

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  1. Yes, I agree it is a constant battle against slugs and oter bugs - never ending it you want to eat good veg - let alone sell it.