Thursday, February 7, 2013

Somebody's Looking Out for Me

A visit to the feedstore is a given part of my weekly town run.  We can only store so much feed at a time, so we buy feed in bags (not in bulk) on a regular basis and I haul it back home rather than have the store make a delivery.

I love the camaraderie of the feedstore.  The whole staff takes time to talk and they make sure my load is tucked in the back of the truck "real good"…they even put my tarp on for me if it looks like rain. Mrjim always call me “hey girl” and tells me stories about farming here in the old days. He’s lived in the area and knows almost all the neighbors.  He’s got a ton of stories and so far I haven’t heard the same one twice. 

RW and "Jamaica" are the warehouse guys…they generally get my feed order together and toss it in the truck, while entertaining me with stories on a wide variety of topics.  "Jamaica" is from the islands and while he really doesn’t quite fit the image of the Valley feedstore-dude, he is always quite jolly and helpful.  He will greet me with, “hey…lady, how you dooooing?” with this huge smile from across the parking lot.  The boss-lady generally has some gossip or a story or two of her own.  The owner likes to talk about all sorts of educational types of things, so I learn something whenever I talk to him. A simple trip for feed often becomes a visit that lasts at least a half hour.

We’ve been going to the same feedstore for quite some time, and we really like how they treat us. The animals are thriving and the prices are good. We’ve had them do custom mixes for us…and they remember our needs and attempt to keep everything we need in stock.

I didn’t realize that they were really paying attention to ME until the other day.

It’s that time of year when we start buying creep pellets for the lambs.  Creep pellets are essentially “baby food”.  It is a pelletized grain with an added vitamin pack.  Don’t worry, there’s nothing else in there!  But, the high protein level, along with the vitamins, provide the nutrition for the lambs to grow, grow, grow prior to going out on grass in early April.  To this end, my feed order included a few sacks just to get the lambs used to the creep feeder.

As "Jamaica" clambered around the warehouse assembling my order, he couldn’t reach the creep pellets without the aid of the skid loader.   “hey…RW!  Help me.  I need creep pellets!”

“what?  CREEP pellets?  are you SURE?” 

RW and I had exchanged greetings as I pulled up to the loading area, and I saw him peer around the warehouse door to identify the truck. I waved at him again.

“When did SHE start buying THOSE?  

I guess he had already heard THIS story involving mrJim. 

"Jamaica" assured him that I had requested them.  I assured him I had requested them.

It was then it occurred to me that these folks know me…appreciate me…and are looking out for me.

                      THANKS, Valley Feed!

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