Saturday, February 23, 2013

ESPN...Take Notice

The all-sports networks should pay attention to this one.  There is an activity in the barnyard that could easily become a televised sport…if it only got some attention. Action, excitement, amazing athletic ability, the occasional mishap, the roar of the crowd...this one has it all.

We are privy to these amazing feats of athletic prowess on a daily basis. Often, the spontaneous event occurs multiple times a day. This is part race, part gymnastic competition…and mostly just “joi de vivre”.  

Surely you have heard of motocross... I introduce you to what we call…

               “EL LAMBO-CROSS”

In order to appreciate the name, you need to read


When the ewes are “otherwise occupied” (read…eating), the lambs run the course…over and over and over.  The event usually ends when they are all panting and exhausted.  Once they regain their ability to breathe…they are off again.

...and again...

"El Lambo-Cross" season is fairly short.  The lambs start racing when they are about a week to ten days old.  By the time they are six months old, the wild and raucous racing comes to an end.  I'm not sure if they are too "mature" at that point or if the weather is just too warm.  But, it's an amazing and amusing sight to see during the late winter and early spring.

The sports channels are really missing out...                                


  1. Thanks for sharing that, I imagine it is amazing and hilarious to witness!

  2. Oh my goodness Barbara - love this story!! We call our lamb races the "LAMB 500" instead of the Indy 500!! ha-ha-ha.. I tell people that watching the lamb races is better than watching TV!

    1. Oh, so true! The lamb racing is simply THE BEST farm entertainment. :)

  3. Barbara - you need to get a drone camera and really get some good video of the "lamb racing". Thanks for sharing.