Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Good News-Bad News Kind of Thing

“I got some good news…and I got some bad news…”  the Boss was heard to say as he walked into the house with a “short pneumatic walker” (you know---one of those “moon-boot” things) in one hand and a handful of “doctor-type” papers and a prescription in the other.

“Which one ya want first?”


I guess I should really back up and start this story at the beginning. 

The Boss has been complaining of heel pain, pretty major heel pain, for quite some time.  He’d tried treating it with ibuprofen, ice and “taking it easy”.  Nothing seemed to be working, so he finally headed to a foot specialist.

The Boss had been impressed with the doctor’s care and concern. They x-rayed his foot and found a bone spur on the back of his heel. That explained the pain.  He was glad that it was only “Achilles tendonitis” complicated by said bone spur.  

There seemed to be a very real possibility of complete recovery.

However, he cautioned me”…that means that I have to wear THIS THING (here he held up the boot-thingy for me to see) all the time for TWO weeks.  If it feels better after that, I wear it another week and I should be good to go…”

At that point, we did not discuss what would happen if…for some reason…it was not better in the given time.  I don’t think either of us wanted to consider any other possibilities at the time. (we have had that discussion since…and we are both doing some serious praying for full recovery)

So, today…one week after his doctor visit, the Boss is trying to follow doctor’s orders of immobilization.  That means no driving, no chore-doing, and no extra walking…pretty much doing nothing.  We did run a few errands yesterday and he actually got outside and did some "farm stuff" for the first time today.

Personally, I am thankful we made it through one week (and counting down).  I’m glad his pain level seems to be better.  But, I am really, really thankful it’s not summertime.  You see, I can do the chores and the dump run, the feedstore pick-up and stack the wood…but, at least I don’t have to run the roto-tillers,tractor with the bush-hog or drive the truck with the Market trailer. Some jobs and challenges are just best left to the Boss.  I am definitely thankful I don’t have to attempt anything new…any time soon.

…oh, and I am thankful…so VERY thankful…that his internet connection hasn’t failed him during this trying time.
(Don't think for one minute that I am kidding!)

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