Friday, July 22, 2011

Critical Mass

There is a certain level of stress, mess and chaos that I can handle. Once things slip slightly beyond this…I start to lose control.

This time of year, things get out of hand. The weeds get too tall, there are zucchini multiplying on the counter, other produce fills baskets or flats that eventually spill into the living room from our kitchen. The floor seems to need constant cleaning. Everywhere I look, something needs attention…immediately!

The meltdown happened this week. Hoophouse #2 was looking like a jungle.
There were tomatoes in the windowsill and in flats on the floor,waiting for me.

The beetles had attacked one peach tree with a vengeance; rescued peaches languished in the living room. The lambs needed de-worming. There were three bananas that I meant to turn into banana bread….those two zucchini on the counter had somehow turned into three…

Rather than allow me to lose it completely, Tom started methodically working the list. The lambs got taken care of, despite the fact he got clobbered in the face by one of them. They are growing very well, so that granted much needed encouragement.

We began working in the hoophouse. Three hours of teamwork and the mess was cleaned up, and the hens were having a wonderful feast of greens and weeds. (I really hope they had a few bugs, too!) Thanks, Tom, you’re the best, Boss!

After lunch, I began chopping and peeling and processing, while he mowed the gardens. Chop, peel, and process….six loaves of zucchini bread. Chop, peel, and process….24 jars of peach jam for winter sales. (some for us, too) Chop; peel process… and a few spices….12 pints of pizza sauce for winter.

Whew! I felt SO much better by the end of the day. Slow and steady…got it done!

Best part….a RAIN storm to finish off the day!

Oh…and enough peaches for a pie for dessert.

But about those bananas…

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