Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Farm Kids

April 27, 2011....Today our youngest turns 21. WOW!

With that in mind, I would like to share some pictures of our “farm kids” and the cool things they got to do while they were still kids.

Kids learn SO much growing up on a farm. They learn responsibility, teamwork, compassion, math, life science, biology, research techniques, and a whole host of life skills. The list of things learned almost by osmosis is nearly endless. The coolest thing about all this learning…they never even know it’s happening. They just think they’re having fun. Ha, score one for “farmer moms and dads”!

Perhaps the most important thing is a good work ethic. While this is not something that is consciously taught, it is vital to life on a farm, and is admirable in any other chosen field. Our girls aren't afraid of hard work and they will definitely stick with a job until it's done. Many older adults have commented on this over the years. Farm girls are sure good workers!


Both our girls are both grown now….old married ladies as it were. But, to my mind they will always be “farm KIDS"!

Here’s to you, kiddos…..keep being awesome!



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