Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am a list maker…a goal oriented person. Tom is not, he’s flexible and easygoing.

I would like to plan the next 50 years, work the plan, and then make another list. Tom takes life as it comes.

Back in December, we planned the gardens for the 2011 season. Despite his easygoing nature, Tom realizes the value of a good plan. We usually take a day, get out the seed catalogs, the last year’s records, and make seed orders and site plans. It provides a real sense of accomplishment when we are finished.

In December, it seemed feasible to plant out the 500 brassicas (that's broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage) by the end of March. I started them back in February, and they grew beautifully. We got them ready for planting out by taking them out of the greenhouse and putting them in the farm trailer.
From there we would take them to the field. That night the temperatures dipped to the mid-TWENTIES! Yikes!! Thankfully, we had thought to put frost blanket over them, and the damage was minimal. The forecast was not favorable for planting, so we put them in the hoophouse. By providing protection from the wind and torrential downpours, we effectively saved them all. They are still there, well over a week past our planned planting.

As of right now, there are 200# of potatoes and well over 3,000 onion plants sitting in the shop.
The plan for the potatoes was to plant them out on this past Tuesday. Who knew that we would wake to snow covered ground? It wasn’t just the cold, but now the dampness plays a factor, too. We had planned on planting the onions the first of April, but the ground is far too saturated and cold.

Oh, then I got an email this morning that the asparagus and strawberry plants will be here early next week. We are expecting the delivery of shallotshipment any day now.

But, the weather rules. We did not count on snow, abnormally low temperatures AND rain, every day for nearly a week!

Back when Tom was at the power company, they would make plans for the day along with a notation: STC. Subject To Change. The weather ruled there, too. Water and electricity do NOT mix. “Subject to Change” is the story of my life now.

While I feverishly revise my lists, erasing, crossing out and starting over, I hear Tom chuckling, “STC....STC!” I really must learn to roll with it. Because, everything is


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