Friday, September 20, 2013

Change is in the Air


We had frost here on the hill the other morning.

It was a light, patchy frost.  It didn’t kill anything…it didn’t even put the tomatoes out of their (and my) misery. 
Yuck! that's all you can say about the last few tomatoes.

No, it was just enough to make us say…”Dang! It’s cold out here!”  and note the slight tinge of wood smoke drifting up from the village where some folks still heat their homes the old-fashioned way.

But, the frost served as a reminder that cooler, colder days are fast approaching.  If you look closely, you notice that the trees on the ridge behind the lamb paddock are beginning to show just a hint of color.

It’s time to wind down the outside jobs…change our focus just a little. The last batch of broiler chicks arrived the same day and made us think ahead to our job of processing them in November. (yeah, we’re praying for just one WARM-ish day for that job).

Mentally, we began listing the jobs that need to be done before the cold weather sets in for the winter season.  Somehow, the list keeps growing. But, in some ways…that’s a good thing.

The change in seasons is something we often take for granted….Summer blending into Autumn…melding into Winter… transforming into Spring…and then one day…BOOM!’s Summer again.  But, without those changes, the work we do, the lifestyle we enjoy, would cease to exist.  All the farm work in this area of the world is dependent upon our temperate climate.

I love the change of seasons and the remembered rhythm and work of each. Each change allows us an opportunity to look ahead to new opportunities and challenges. It’s the anticipation of the next new thing that keeps us inspired and enthused about life here on the hill.
the light is gorgeous this time of year the morning

...and at sunset

So, today…I’m thankful for that frost. J

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