Monday, April 25, 2011

Country Traffic

Having grown up in Northern Virginia, the change to the pace of life here in the Valley was one of the biggest adjustments Tom and I have ever made.

It would cause uncontrollable laughter when a resident would complain about sitting at a stoplight while 6 or 8 cars went through. We knew what it was like to sit for HOURS on a regular basis to go a very short distance.

After all these years, we’ve adjusted….adjusted just fine. Trucks hauling farm implements and tractors with hay wagons may slow traffic down, but they are a welcome part of the landscape. There is a feeling of camaraderie with farm trucks that greet drivers with a neighborly wave.

During the summer, I spent a frustrating day of driving to Charlottesville and back. So, I was absolutely THRILLED to "be stuck behind" a pick-up truck with calves in the back of it on my way home to the farm!

I love it….I love traffic in the country!

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