Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taters and Onions

Today we FINALLY went and picked up the seed potatoes. This demanded a road-trip of sorts, so we arranged to have lunch with A and T as well. It almost became one of those logistical nightmares that I find myself in the middle of far too often. I have yet to figure out WHY that happens…

We could get potatoes in Staunton, or even Waynesboro, but if we got to Harrisonburg, we can usually get the “pretty red ones”. We had been getting them from Wetsel’s, but a couple of years ago, they didn’t have any when we needed them, so we started going somewhere else.

This year, we found that “the pretty red ones” weren’t to be had, and we went into a mild panic.

An aside here, I don’t know if it is Irish DNA far back in my heritage, or what, but I just GOT to have TATERS! I like planting them, but love digging them. There is nothing better to my mind than seeing those hoppers full of potatoes…just waiting for me in the cooler. There is nothing quite as versatile as a potato. Nothing says comfort food like potatoes! YUM!

We got some other red ones. I mean, a potato is a potato….right? nah, not really! Oh,” the pretty red ones” are ….well, just SO pretty! Then we got to thinking…maybe Wetsel’s would have some. A quick check in the phone book, a relatively simple phonecall and hooray, they have them! Oh, rats…return the other ones….run across town….wait and wait and wait for them to get them from the warehouse...ACK, it’s time to meet the kids for lunch!

We raced across town AGAIN (without the potatoes) did the lunch thing with the kids. It was enjoyable, and really nice to see them during the week. Then, we went BACK to the warehouse and picked up the potatoes. WHY can’t we ever do anything the easy way?

We also bought a 35 pound bag of onion sets. I have found that planting onion sets makes for real nice green onions and it is much easier than starting from seed. The man at the store gave us a ten percent discount for taking the whole bag. Yeehaw! Now, I better get all these in the ground. (Last year, I bought 100 lbs…and some are STILL waiting to be planted…..BLECH! Compost pile, here they come.)

We’re trying something slightly new this year. We’re going to plant Russets, too. Mmmm, baking potatoes! Along with the Yukon Golds, “the pretty red ones”, and Kennebecs, we should be able to fill every potato need for our Market customers and ourselves.

So, we’re set. We’ll plant a bunch of taters on Monday (Lord willing). Some will wait till later, as they seem to sprout better after it gets just slightly warm. Half have been stored in the cooler, awaiting planting in July. We have found that July planted potatoes last far better for winter sales. It also gives us NEW potatoes twice a year.

Taters and Onions….ain’t nothin’ better!

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