Monday, March 7, 2011

If It's Raining on Sunday

Sunday is not a big work day around here. Even in the height of the season, Sunday has always been taken at a slower pace.

Having spent all of our remembered life in the “Bible Belt” we are cognizant of the fact that even if we don’t mind working, our friends and neighbors might. So, partly as a matter of respect for others, partly ‘cause we need a little break, we take it a little easier on Sundays. Although, there have been times when we have done big jobs on Sundays because it seemed absolutely necessary. You know “the ox in the ditch” kind of deal…

I hope this doesn’t make us sound like utter slackers. All our regular chores are done. Animals are fed, meals prepared, plans made for the following week. We take care of all the necessities. We work plenty hard the other six days, let me tell you!

But, rainy, rainy Sundays come all too infrequently. Those days that make anyone long for a blanket and a warm place to take a nap. On those precious and few days, we take advantage and enjoy.

A movie and popcorn, a chance to “re-charge” and "re-new", those things are what rainy Sundays are made for.

And, you know what? We don’t feel guilty, nope…not even a little bit! As a matter of fact, those rainy Sundays may just be necessary to the longevity of the farm.

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