Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sunday Walkabout 5-17-2020

I can’t seem to come up with anything new and interesting to tell you about.

The animals are behaving. There have been no crazy lamb rodeos. The garden is growing despite the crazy weather. Everything seems to have survived the bitter cold earlier this week. (and the near record-setting heat by the weekend) And, I just read somewhere that “only trouble is interesting.” That's a little dark, but perhaps far truer than we care to think.


This week we’re going to rely on pictures and go fairly light on the prose.


walnut leaves in the rain
the first rosa rugosa flower

african daisies

baby carrots

barn swallow

bluejay feather

brown thrasher
she has a nest in the fence-row
( the grub must be for her babies)

purple iris on the lane


whiskey barrel planters at the top of the drive
(I've been meaning to do this project for years!)

indigo bunting

the potatoes survived the cold!
iris in the morning light

Sissie and Karma are such good friends

ladybug in stinging nettles

the first redbud leaves

least flycatcher
(she's building a nest in the barn)
strawberry plant
french breakfast radishes

Otis against the sky
sweet potato slips
(didn't have much hope at this point)
stay tuned...

welcome home

another ladybug in the nettles

house finches and indigo bunting at the feeder
rosebud after the rain

On my daily trip to the mailbox, I happened upon this exchange. While I am not fluent in the language of the swallows, I'm fairly certain I know how this conversation ended. It made me chuckle and I think it may have proven the quote at the beginning...
tree swallows househunting
checking out the possibilities

just waiting

hurry up!
giving an opinion

We have all been this swallow...
(and now you know where they got the idea for angry birds!)

That will have to do it for this little "walk-about". I'll try and be more on my game next time.

Hope you have a Happy Sunday! 

May you find something unexpected and beautiful in the coming week.
                                  Come back and “visit” again soon.
butterfly in the lilac bush


  1. It was a lovely "walk about"! Thanks for taking me along!

  2. Don't apologise for this Barbara - the photographs and the story they tell of your farm are stunning - I thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

  3. Your farm is beautiful. All of the pictures are just lovely and you have so many varieties of birds to show us. I especially like the little drama at the end of your post. Delightful! Thanks so much, Barbara.