Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday Walkabout 11-26

You may have thought that after last week’s “end” theme, we would be doing absolutely nothing this week.

However, with just a few days between Market end and Thanksgiving, there had to be some intense preparation work if we were going to feast on the bounty of our labors. Here’s how it’s gone in the past.  So, I put some serious effort into mixing up goodies and straightening up the messy house.

all my Tgiving preparations kept me from writing about thanksgiving...

…and the Boss had to clean the barn!

he claims he took 200 loads out of the barn

He spent the better part of two days hauling spent hay and manure out of the barn. (all the while complaining about how much hay the sheep waste) But, we now have an enormous pile that will compost until next season when it will fertilize the gardens. (so, it waste is actually a bit of an overstatement)
that's a pretty big pile

okay, so maybe he's not exaggerating!

…and then it was the big day!

T'giving dawn
Thanksgiving is a special holiday for all of us.

It was a long-ago Thanksgiving that served as the impetus for us to get to where we are today. Read this. (someday I hope to get the whole story ready for publication)

It is also the one time that everyone is committed to being together here on the hill. And, the complaints about Mama’s desire for family portraits are kept to a minimum.

2017 family portrait

This year we had a fun, food-filled day, with lots of little boy snuggles. And, I’m pretty sure Grandpa has met his match with these guys!

With the holiday behind us, we are one step closer to winter.  

The ewes have come to the barn to eat hay and lounge until lambing season.

The pullets are growing larger every day and it won’t be too long until they move to the henhouse.

…and it’s just a matter of time before the seed catalogs start arriving…and it will be time to start planning for spring!

So, for now we will appreciate the beautiful (if slightly unseasonable) weather…

late day skies over sugarloaf mtn

ewe lambs in winter paddock

the feeding frenzy

even the weeds are pretty in the sunlight

sparrows in the multi-flora rose

blackberry leaves


ewes at dusk

after the sheep grazed the backyard

there can be no doubt where they ate

crescent moon sunset

We hope that you are having a

       Happy Sunday! 

Thanks for stopping by. Come back and “visit” us again real soon!


  1. Lovely post, Barbara. Some of those pics are breathtaking, especially when enlarged. Glad you shared with us and happy that you and yours enjoyed a lovely and loving Thanksgiving. Kris

  2. You have a beautiful family. So glad they all come together for a Thanksgiving at your farm!