Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Walkabout 11-27

There is no place like home

So, it’s Sunday and time for our little “farm tour”.

At least I think it’s Sunday...

Without our usual routine of all things Market-related, my week seems more than a little off kilter. And, then Thanksgiving felt like it should be Sunday, followed by a weird, harvest-less Friday and yet another somewhat Sunday-like, now I’m wondering if I will just overlook Monday altogether.

I hope to find our “off-season” routine this week. Although about the time I get into a groove, it will be time to gear up for Market season once more!

cold weather means ICE on the stock tanks
Not a whole lot happened on the hill in the past few days. At the end of last week’s Market a cold front blew through and put an effective end to any and all outdoor growth. The cold wind has sucked the last of the moisture out of everything and we have been under a red flag weather warning. (that means that conditions are right for wildfires and outdoor burning has been banned) A couple of large forest fires are burning on the other side of the Blue Ridge and when the wind shifts, the smoke invades the Valley. More about those fires HERE.

We were surprised to see a huge plume of smoke hanging over the mountains as we traveled the interstate on our only real farm-related task of picking up the last lamb chops of the 2016 season. I'm happy to report that the freezers are filled to capacity in anticipation of Winter Sales. (hope everyone is hungry!)

The drought and incessant winds are proving to be a challenge for the area. Firefighters are struggling to contain the fires and many farmers are starting to feed hay somewhat earlier this year since the grass growth has come to an end. Here on the hill, the sheep are working their way around the farm, eating any stockpiled grass prior to moving to the barnlot for the winter since we are just about five weeks from the first lambs.

grazing sheep

The focus of the week was Thanksgiving preparation.  There was cleaning to do and food to prepare. And, a project to finish...

In case you were wondering, our mystery project was “busy boards” for the minions. Pieces of plywood were painted a bright color and coated with poly (that was my contribution) then we scoured the hardware section of the store for interesting items. We found locks, a light, spring-y things and a paper roller...all sorts of things to keep little minds and fingers busy. The Boss arranged and attached all the trinkets to the boards. 

I think they were a success!
playing with Daddy

word of the day is WOW!

On the food front, we try to feature as much home-grown food as possible. And, that means we generally have lamb and chicken (and NOT turkey...hopefully this doesn’t offend our turkey growing friends and neighbors!) This year we decided to try something a little different and we brined the lamb roast, effectively turning it into a ham. Or would that be lam? Lam-ham? Whatever you call it, it was incredibly good!

it wouldn't be T'giving without dessert

chocolate cheesecake with caramel ganache

Happy Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving always makes me somewhat nostalgic and introspective, as it marks the end of our season and we can trace the beginning of this “adventure” to a T’giving table long ago (did you read  this one?)  However, I didn’t get the chance to write about, I’m thinking there may be a random post coming later in the week.

Suffice it to say, I am truly thankful...

T'giving 2016

Now that the Market is over, it’s time to get all the bookwork done in preparation for tax season. Every year I mean to keep up better during the season and every year I fail miserably. However, I’m about halfway done with my catching up and once I’m finished we can review the season and revise our plans for next year.

Remy is "helping"

Which we need to think about doing...soon. Very soon.

I kid you not. The "off-season" is a true misnomer.  The first seed catalog arrived yesterday!

And, that is it. The holiday week seemed incredibly short. The upcoming week marks the beginning of our ninth season of “winter sales”, so it's time to re-group and re-focus and get back to work.

Hope you’re having a Happy Sunday! 

chilly sunrise

Allegheny mountains 


Thanks for stopping by! Come back and “visit” us again real soon.


  1. Busy Boards! That is a great idea! They sure look like they were intrigued. -Jenn

    1. They both seem to love them. Grandson #1 just keeps saying, "WOW!" It's hilarious!

  2. What a lovely post Barbara and what a lovely happy family.