Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Walkabout 11-13

the poplar leaves are still hanging on
I don’t even know where to start with my walkabout this week. Do I simply post like nothing happened, or do I figure out how to express what’s been swirling in my mind all week?

I don’t know. I just don’t know.

ready to load lambs
This week included another one of the “lasts” that is imperative to the cycle of the season. The last batch of lambs was scheduled to go to the processor.

We thought we had the first fail-proof system for lamb loading and we got a little over-confident. This was going to be a breeze.

Wrong! There was one wether lamb in the bunch, and he was big and flighty and when he touched the trailer and they all flipped out, turned around and ran back in the barn.


Then, the Boss got the culprit into the trailer. But, to keep him there, the Boss had to hold him in place. That left me to contend with all the others. The odds of 4 to one didn’t work in my favor... 
the last load

this is a bad photo
but look at that weight!

But, we were ultimately successful. Although a change of clothes was in order.
This is why we have BARN clothes
and "town" clothes!
 However, in keeping with the tone set at the barn...the whole batch of lambs didn’t cooperate in the least getting off the trailer at the other end! However, we did have the gracious assistance of the owner and it was a great relief to shut that gate, and leave the lambs in his very capable hands. When we pick them up in a week or so, they will be far more manageable (and frozen!)

A word of explanation about the BAD photo above. The lamb on the scale is the tiny one that I wrote about earlier this year. Did you read THIS? Not only did she survive and THRIVE, she managed to weigh in at over 100#. I'm pretty proud of that fact, even though it's still pretty small. And, for the record...the biggest lamb in this bunch was 160#. Not too shabby for the "little guys".

On the way back, we made a quick stop at the grower supply outlet...

and filled the trailer with potting soil for next season
isn't this farm beautiful?
It really has nothing to do with the post
I just like to look at it

On the way back to the hill, we made a stop at Lowe’s to pick up the beginnings of what looks to be a fun project. It has absolutely nothing to do with includes a can of parakeet green paint. And, I’m going to bet you can’t guess what it will be when we are finished.
doesn't this look like fun?

nothing like a brand-new paintbrush!

With the lamb hauling out of the way, it was time for the Boss to get cracking on a project that’s been languishing on the “to-do” list for some time. Remember that feeder we bought back in the summer? It was time to get that into position behind the barn.

As with everything else around here, the new feeder has more than one job. And, it needed some “modification”. Which, of course, meant another trip to Lowe’s.
another project in the works

The Boss pulled the old cow mineral feeder out of the barnyard in preparation. It was really about time, we haven’t had a cow around here in at least seven years. But, the wheels of change often move slowly. By positioning the feeders together, the backs will serve as an extension to the loading shoot and aid in lamb-loading (theoretically, of course).
contemplating the next step

The slight modification (actually an addition) to the feeder was necessary because it isn’t built specifically for lambs and the feed bunk is actually a little too high for the little guys. However, we can make this work to our advantage by building a little ramp. The ramp allows the lambs to reach the feeder while stretching out their butt muscles. Now, may sound silly, but that slight angle and stretching movement causes those muscles to become bigger. This in turn makes for large, tender roasts and steaks.
building the ramp

almost done

Before we can check this one off as “done” the project needs to have some fencing panels installed along the outer edges in order to keep the ewes out of the feeders while allowing the lambs constant access. However, that probably means yet another trip to the farm store...

ramp in place

Then it was time to start Market prep for what promised to be another chilly November Market…

back-lit arugula

Again, the Market started with sub-freezing temperatures, but at least it wasn’t as dark as last week (one good thing about the whole “fall back” change in time) and once again, it was a very good day.

pretty red cabbage

broccoli romanesco is a great conversation starter!

So, it was pretty much a normal week on the hill…

Except for the fact that it wasn’t.

I’m pretty sure everything changed forever with the results of Tuesday’s voting.

Words fail me when it comes to the election. I don’t know if it is because I am a survivor of abuse that I have found the entire election cycle triggering and distressing. Maybe I’m just overly sensitive to the anger, vitriol and hatred that seems to have become part and parcel of our world lately. I’ve tried countless times to articulate what has been going on inside my head. Actual words fail as I start and stop and backspace…speaking isn’t much better…I’m stuck with grimaces and odd gesticulations as I search for answers. WHY?

I have no idea what happens next. In part because I truly cannot believe what has just occurred. I will leave the commentary to those more eloquent than I. You may want to read THIS.

All I can say is “pray for peace”… Give this Reba video a watch.


And, I hope that no matter what is going on around you that you can find a way to have a

Happy Sunday! 

the beauty of the sunset

Thanks for stopping by. We truly appreciate your interest. Please “visit” us again real soon.

Here's the link to the Boss' Market photos:


  1. I, too, have tried to express my feeling about the election on my last 3 post on my blog. Pole-axed comes closest for my first reaction. My stomach hasn't stopped churning and now mounting fear. Over 1,000,000 popular votes for the Democratic candidate to date. We must do what we can to overcome this travisty or find a way through it. There is a link to a petition for the Electoral College on my posts. Please consider it. Hugs to you.

    1. Thanks for reading AND commenting, Kris!
      I appreciate the info about the Electoral College. We had some enlightening/interesting conversations at Saturday's Market and that subject came up time and time again. Done.
      Take good care.
      We will get through this.

    2. Hello again, Barbara. I forgot to include a LINK to my blog. Hope you stop by. Thanks, Kris

    3. I did indeed visit. I'll keep checking in with you.
      I hope you can find some sort of encouragement somewhere today!

  2. Dear Barbara, I, too, am devastated by our election results. I am 72 and feel I do not have 4 yrs to waste on a president who could undo many of the good works President Obama has accomplished in spite of constant obstruction from a republican congress.
    How can we replace a man of such intelligence, a statesman and gentleman with a complete buffoon who "has the attention span of a gnat"
    If it is any comfort I have found that the blogs I read have the same sentiment about these results.

    1. Dear Cheryl,
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!
      I found it a great comfort to talk to my customer-friends at Saturday's Market. Many of them are struggling with the same issues. They are a widely diverse, interesting assortment of folks who have been there with us from the beginning of this wild ride that living in the Valley has been. Many of these folks are dearer than my own family.
      It was a sad, strange Market day. And, it did have one uncomfortable, scary moment when one customer let the anger and hatred that fueled this election season spill over into public conversation. However, the other folks were kind and gracious and the moment passed without further incident. (big sigh of relief)
      I hope for your sake that you have folks to encourage you in the days ahead.
      Sending prayers and warm, caring thoughts your direction.

    2. Cheryl, would you please be so kind as to steer me to some of the blogs you mentioned? I am bereft and really need to find other bloggers feeling the way we do. I just turned 70, live alone and am looking for any comfort I can find right now. Thank you and take care. Kris