Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Walkabout 5-22

misty sunrise 5-20

You know how I said we had experienced 17 consecutive days of rain?  Well, we are going to have to add a few to that…

It’s not that I’m complaining. I am simply reporting what happened in the past week. And, the wet weather is affecting EVERYTHING. (including any and all conversations)

However, somewhere along the way this week I heard mention of this old song…I mean really old…this rendition was recorded by Bing Crosby in 1944.

You've got to ac-centuate the positive
E-liminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don't mess with Mister In-Between

Listen to the whole thing here.

So…with that in mind, I will attempt to focus on the positive things that happened this week…despite the numerous weather challenges.

the green beans made it!
We got through the cold snap with only the expected damage. Neither one of us could imagine that the squash plants would hold up to 37* and wind. (we were right)  We already had more plants started and should be able to re-plant next week. This will put our harvest slightly behind our target date, but that’s okay. And, we have indeed made a note not to try to hurry the season along next year.
...the squash did not

Processing broiler batch #2 went without a hitch and the chicken freezer is stocked once more. Yay!
processing broilers 5-16

While I went to town on the feedstore run, the Boss tilled and hilled the potato garden, hoping to cut down on weed pressure and give the tubers room to grow.  The potatoes are looking great and we should be seeing blossoms soon.
potato garden 5-18

there are some BIG lambs out there!
A couple in this photo weigh well over 100# each.
Definitely NOT cute!
Did you read THIS?
It was time to work the lambs again this week. Haunted by tragic Spring lamb losses due to wet weather and parasitic overload in the past, we aren’t taking any chances with this flock. Thankfully, they are continuing to thrive. In one month, they collectively gained over 500# for the third consecutive time.

"Beebi" in her lamb tube

While “Beebi” isn’t growing quite as quickly as the others, she is indeed growing!  Her wool had finally grown back enough for her to shed her little lamb tube. She no longer looks like some strange mutant, but a regular sheep, albeit a tiny one.
"Beebi - au naturel"

For those of you who keep up with such things, I was able to get a new prescription this week and it seems to be helping. As I headed off to town to get my pills, I had to chuckle at my similarity to “Emma Brand”. If you don’t know who Emma Brand is, then you don’t know the Andy Griffith show. (and you’ve missed out on a LOT)  If you’ve got 15 minutes…watch this. 

On Thursday, the Kman came to visit for a little while. Despite the fact that he has a whole bunch of teeth coming in at once, and he took a header on the sidewalk before he left home and busted his lip, he seemed to have a good time riding on the tractor with grandpa and loving on the doggies.

he even got to steer!

Kman LOVES his doggies!

 He even “helped” me in the kitchen. He’s particularly handy with a whisk and a broom.

There were cakes to bake. Not only was it “national chocolate cake day”, it was time for the Annual Chicken BBQ for the MVFD. For eighteen years now, I have baked a cake for this event. (I'm not alone in my baking, a number of other ladies in the community make cakes for this event) This is one of the ways our community raises funds for our volunteer fire department.
I made an "extra" one for us

Things have changed a lot over the years. I remember when there used to be a carnival with rides and such and a parade of firetrucks. (that was a big event for our girls) The carnival is a thing of the past, and there was no parade this year. But, the chicken bbq (and dessert) remains a standard. However, the weather put a damper on everything this year. 

the Middlebrook General Store
sponsors Old Middlebrook Village Days

gloomy weather for the event

Because, it started raining Friday night…

the trees at the Market are beautiful,
but drippy!

another soggy Market

…making Saturday’s Market cold and soggy. Here, check out the Boss’ photos.

 But, keeping in mind my attempt to “accentuate the positive”…

We sold everything (except two bags of greens, which became supper) and even surpassed our earnings goal for the day. Can’t complain about that!

A few other positives from the week. 

The next batch of chicks arrived in good condition without incident.

Batch # 4
so sleepy!

The bigger broilers moved outside.
Batch #3 in field pen
The hoophouses are looking good.

  …and I found teeny, tiny cauliflowers in the garden!

just a few weeks until harvest!

…and we can look forward to a new and hopefully productive week.

Here’s hoping you’re having a

Happy Sunday! 

all the gloom makes us truly appreciate a sunny day (or at least a few hours)

Thanks for stopping by. Come “visit” again real soon!


  1. As always, I love taking a tour with you. That sweet little lamb is adorable, even though she is no longer sporting her fashionable tube! Here's hoping you have some sunny days. -Jenn

  2. In the giant scheme of things Barbara you seem to be holding your heads well above that water - hope you continue to do well throughout the season. I promise you that one day the rain will stop and the sun will shine.

    1. Thanks, Pat!
      We'll be clinging to that promise.

  3. Yes, the weather can be very trying... sometimes too much rain, sometimes not enough. Love that you always focus on the positives. I really enjoyed reading and seeing your walkabout each week.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!
      Hope you will come back often.

  4. 17 consecutive days of rain?? Sounds like life here in Germany haha. I though am one of those oddballs who loves rain. I find it relaxing and it puts me in a poetic mood. I love your photo have an eye for beauty! I cannot find a follow button for your blog, though?

    1. Thanks for reading! An taking the time to comment.
      You can enter your email and be notified of new posts or you can follow on bloglovin'. Haven't found a way to put a follow button on the blog page.