Thursday, December 31, 2015

The BEST Thing

time sure flies

As the hours tick down to the end of the year, we all seem to get a little reflective and introspective thinking over all the things that happened in the past 365 days.

I’ve talked to more than one person who was going to be glad to put this year away and get started afresh with 2016.

Lots of stuff happened in 2015…personally, it had some very bad moments…although it was not our worst year ever. Not by a longshot. I think that title would have to go to 1997.

And, speaking of that year…when we moved to the hill back in ’97 with our two little girls, we realized that one day they would grow up and have families of their own. But, that was a long, long time in the future.

Wasn’t it?

Time has a way of flying by.

And, before we knew it, the little girls were grown and married and living their own lives.

There was very little mention of another generation, and we had promised not to meddle.

So…imagine our surprise when we found out that 2015 was going to be

                       the year of the grandbaby!

Not only did our first grandbaby—a grandson---arrive in March…

...his cousin (another grandson) arrived in August, causing countless people to comment on our ready-made future work crew.

Before their arrival, I had no idea there could be so much love.

Since they’re still just little, it’s impossible to guess what they will do…how they will influence…what we will learn from them.  But, oh, the potential!

In the future, we hope to encourage them to love this place and this way of life. 

visiting at the Market

enjoying the hoophouse 

And, don’t you think for one minute that I am kidding when I say… the Boss really wants them to learn to weed!

No question about it…

Definitely the BEST thing from this year!



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