Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Momentous Month

Ugh. August.

I have never really cared for the month of August.

Everything is overgrown and even the garden seems tired.

The battle for dominance over the weeds and the bugs seems never-ending.

We’re caught on a treadmill of sameness, routine has long since become monotony.

It’s hot...so, very hot.

Vegetables, some far past their prime, appear in far too many places, awaiting my attention...as do so very many other things...

There’s still so much to do, because the calendar and the angle of the sun indicate that the shorter, colder days are rapidly approaching.  We must keep going, now is not the time to give into weakness.

But, I feel as tired as the garden looks.

And, I can honestly understand why "normal" folks head off for vacation.

Occasionally, it seems like it’s just too much. It’s just too hard…

But, on closer inspection, and somewhat ironically, August has actually been one of the most exciting months in our family’s history.  And, it has nothing to do with fair season.

August 1988. We welcomed our first child and became a family. We had no idea such a small person could make such a big difference.
new Papa

at this point,
I was pretty sure the baby was the only one who knew what she was doing

Years pass…stuff happened…

--add a sibling,

move to the Valley...
starting over in the Valley
 late 1997

...begin the farm, start at the Market…the barn was even completed in August!
roofing the barn "with a little help from my friends"

August 2009. We gained a son-in-law and began a whole new chapter.

More years…more stuff…

--gain another son-in-law, children all become homeowners, one survives a near-death head-on collision with a drunk driver---getting back on her feet, literally…in AUGUST…

August 2010
after 14 weeks of  being completely non-weight bearing...
standing was momentous!

August 2014. We learn we are going to be GRANDPARENTS!
Savannah, the dog, makes an important announcement
 This is when things get fun, we hear.

Some more time passes…(and another "announcement")

--Karl arrives fulfilling the fun grand-parenting prophecy--

Hello, Karl!

Which brings us to August 15, 2015.

Welcome to the world, Blake William!  Congrats, new mom and dad!

In reality…I guess, I have to say…

                    August is actually kind of awesome!

Baby Blake  just missed Aunt B's birthday by a few hours!

Next time we need Grandpa in the family portrait

Forget all the other stuff...

August means…Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday...and Happy Anniversary, y’all!


  1. I adore this post!!
    I felt the same as you did about August but after reading this I feel the same as you do now, August is Awesome!! I will never see another August that I don't think about you and your family. <3

  2. Nothing takes precedence over new babies - they are a delight. Congratulations all round.

  3. Yes, congratulations all round. I love this post. So many great photos, and memories for you. Yah for August.

    1. Thanks! A little thinking made for a great change of perspective.

  4. Wowee, Barbara!!! You and the Boss must be tickled blue with your two precious grandsons!
    I so enjoyed this post and the wonderfully good news.
    xxoo, m & jb

  5. August can be brutal, but not when you've got two new grandbabies to celebrate! Congratulations all the way around to a wonderful (and growing!) family! So happy for all of you.