Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Walkabout 4-26

Wow! This has been what the Boss calls a “productive week”!
  (in other words, we really deserve/need a nap on this dreary Sunday afternoon)

1st broiler of 2015
Monday was “broiler processing” day. It’s hard to believe that it is time to get those chickens ready for the Market customers who have been eagerly anticipating fresh chicken for weeks now.

That project went off without a hitch.  

I like jobs where we both know our roles and everything just falls into place! We meant to get the next batch out on pasture before batch #3 arrived…but, the cold weather made a comeback, so yes…we do have chicks in the shop. Again.
another box of babies arrived at the Post Office

beautiful skies before the storm
With an eye on the weather, I headed into town, even though I truly hate running errands after lunch.  It messes up my routine and I have to explain to nearly everyone I see WHY I’m in town so late in the day. (ya think I might be just a little TOO predictable?)

Errands run, feed unloaded, chores done…just in time.  Those clouds that had been building all afternoon finally burst forth with some torrential rain, wind…and yes, even some tiny hail! It was a short, intense storm that was over as quickly as it began, causing little, if any damage. (thankfully)
pea-sized hail

after the rain

Finally, finally…we got the Spring potatoes planted. I was really beginning to wonder if we were EVER going to get them in the ground.  Gotta have ‘taters!  Read more about potatoes here and here.

"plunkin' 'taters"

look at those EYES

18 rows of potatoes planted
waiting to be hilled

Again, the project went off without a hitch.  

 The first asparagus was harvested, strawberry blossoms were spotted and I even found the Boss’ long-lost leatherman in the garden. We have been on a roll this week. Hooray!

strawberry blossom

This has been missing for WEEKS

With the broilers processed and the potatoes planted, we turned our attentions to the hoophouses. Hoophouse #1 is in fine shape, with all the beds planted and productive…yes, I do see the weeds in the paths and along the outside walls.  The battle with the weeds is never ending.

The Boss got most of Hoophouse #2 cleared out and I planted in all the newly tilled beds.  It looks like we’ll get it in full production this week.
see the hens waiting for a handout?

After the rain came the wind (no surprise, the wind almost always blows here on the hill). The poor little brassicas and onions took a three day beating with gusts up to 50 mph.  Some of them did indeed succumb to the cold, windy conditions that sucked all the life-giving moisture out of everything. But, the vast majority of them are looking quite healthy and vigorous. Of course, then it began to rain again…I’m pretty sure we are stuck in a repeat of March’s weather pattern.

It had warmed up to 35 when I started picking
I’m not kidding about the weather feeling more like March.  We’ve been under frost/freeze warnings all week.  And, Friday’s harvest day started out quite chilly. As a matter of fact, it was so cold that I had to put off picking until the temperatures rose above freezing. (more for the safety of the lettuce than the comfort of my picking fingers) But, temperatures rebound quickly in the Spring and by 10 am, it was warm and toasty in the hoophouses.
You know it's cold when the Boss wears his
special greens washing gloves!

radishes don't mind chilly weather

I got some pretty weird looks when I stopped to photograph
the sleet on the sidewalk

More rain was forecast for the Market…combined with cold temperatures…so, it looked like the Market might be a washout.  Turns out that despite the sleet (yes, I did say SLEET) and gloom, the sale day was great!  If the Market has taught me anything, it’s don’t give up…not yet.

We ended the week with a family supper to note the April birthdays.  Tbone and Blondie share a birthday month, so we had “awesome” burgers with all the fixin’s to celebrate the occasion.  It was also GB#1’s first family gathering here on the hill.   I’m pretty sure he will be wanting his own plate next time!
"Ya see, Grandpa..."

…and now it’s Sunday.  A rainy, cold, dark Sunday that doesn’t seem good for much besides a nap. Since the animals are fed, the greenhouses/hoophouses tended, supper readied and the laundry sorted for washing…that’s definitely where I am headed.

Looks like I'm not the only one in the mood for a nap

Happy Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you’ll come “visit” us again real soon!


  1. GB looks a lovely little fella. Glad the market was good despite the weather. We have had a very dry month with just a bit of rain last night and the wind has gone back to cold NE again after a few warmer days. I suppose it will get properly warmer sometime........

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment!
      I hope your weather improves and provides you with some moisture. It's beautiful here today, all blue skies and sunshine, but it's still far colder than it should be. I certainly hope we don't skip Spring and go right to Summer!

  2. What a marvellous, productive week Barbara - and how satisfying. That bird ready for the oven looks wonderful too. As for that darling at the end - looks good enough to eat too (the tiny one, not the one holding!) - he is a beauty.

    1. I had no idea it was possible to love a little person quite so much. Being a grandmother is amazing!

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