Monday, December 1, 2014

Time to Wrap It Up

It’s the end.

The end of the outdoor growing season.

The end of the Farmers’ Market.

The end of the Ag blogging challenge.
(okay, I realize that was supposed to be yesterday…but…I really wanted to say one more thing)

With all this stuff ending, you might think that it’s time to take a vacation, a break, or go into hibernation. That always sounds good, but after about 2 days I’m ready to climb the walls and starting to lose my mind. So…no.  No hibernation. No vacation or long break…

While we may have reached the end of the season.  We really haven’t reached THE END.  That is only reached when we decide to quit some venture…or, I suppose…we eventually die. (now, that sounded pretty depressing.  sorry)

The “off-season” is just the next stage in the cycle of this thing we call Life.  Things are slower (and colder) but we definitely do not just sit around and wait for the next season.

The end of the growing season means it’s time to review the past season, looking for successes and failures, making notes for the upcoming season and asking the hard questions about what we want to do in the future.  Because, despite what some might think, we really do need to turn a profit doing this whole “farming thing”.  There is a very real need for cash, even though we do grow most of our own food.  While I must admit I haven’t tried it…I’m pretty sure I can’t go to the gas station and pay with vegetables.  And, I am almost certain that the county wouldn’t accept lamb chops (even a whole lot of lamb chops) for our annual real estate bill.

 While the Farmers’ Market is closed until Spring, there is a whole lot of work that goes on during the “off-season” behind the scenes to assure that next year provides another great season for all those involved.

And, even though the Ag blogging challenge has come to an end, it doesn’t mean the end of Ag blogging.  Those who write about food and farming and all those issues involved in Agriculture will keep writing and working to provide for all those who are not directly involved in Ag.

But, it’s time to wrap it up and say THANK YOU!

Thank you to all our great customers who support us in so many ways.  Not only do they buy our products, but they keep us encouraged and motivated.

Thanks to all involved with the Market for the opportunity and atmosphere that make our efforts such a success on Saturday mornings.

…and thanks to Holly Spangler for providing the blogging challenge. It’s always interesting to see what other bloggers are doing and to learn new things. Thanks to all those bloggers who write about their own experiences and the issues of Ag.  This is informative and educational and often downright inspiring.

Then, there’s YOU.  Thank you for reading!  Thank you for commenting.  I hope that you have found something of interest in the past 30 days.

This isn’t the end…it’s just a pause as we head to the next stage in this thing we call Life.

I know there are far more than 30 lessons from here on the farm. (believe me, there are a WHOLE lot more)

I’ll be back soon with some of them.

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And, if you missed my posts, you can find them all here.Lessons from the Farm - the challenge.

Lessons Learned:

There are a lot of lessons. (yes, I did say that on day one)

A lot of work goes on in the “off season”.

There are some amazing and inspiring...and very hardworking...folks out there!

The end of one thing is just the beginning of something new.

a new day dawns


  1. Yes Barbara - it is the same here. The beast have all gone either home or indoors here and all that is left outside is the sheep - but it doesn't mean there is nothing to do. Taking stock, making repairs, preparing for next year - that is what farming is like all over the world I think. I do so enjoy your posts.

  2. I have to say I'm really going to miss you blogging everyday! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading them and learning from what had you've had to say. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Christina!
      While I won't be blogging every day, I'll be back soon. Can't shut me up for too long. lol

  3. Keep the blogs coming when you have time. See you two soon!