Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Walkabout 12-21

"sundogs" indicate ice crystals in the atmosphere
and the possibility of precipitation
Happy first day of Winter!

 …well, not quite…I think the season officially changes at 6:03pm Eastern time. Other than a few very early morning snowflakes, there’s no real obvious signs of the change in season. It’s been looking fairly wintry for a while now. But, the days will start getting longer tomorrow and someone somewhere will start the countdown to Spring.

After the 10 inch snow we had at T'giving
this was NOT good news

This time last week, the weather guys started talking about the possibility of a huge winter storm. And, I must say, that possibility colored my thinking for the entire week.  Not to mention what effect it had on our plans for the week and weekend delivery.  I will spare you my soapbox dissertation on the “issues” of snow on the farm (and business) and just be quietly thankful that the forecasters were wrong, wrong….completely wrong. Hooray!

If you thought last week here on the hill was something…then I’m sure you will find this week completely "scintillating". (spoiler alert---it was BORING, really BORING…and I’m used to our “non-exciting” lifestyle)  It's not that we didn't do ANYTHING...just repeats of the same old, same old.

But, the skies are nearly always noteworthy...

finished office floor
But, the floor is officially done. Neither one of us can get over the fact that it's so beautiful...and it's finally DONE!

Well, no, wait.
  I am officially done with the floor.  I have hung up my kneepads and gone on to other things.  The Boss still needs to finish up the trim around the woodstove.  This part of the job will involve staining some oak boards and putting them in place with brass screws.  (never one to do things halfway, I’m sure it will look amazing when he’s finally done) Right now, he’s somewhat side-tracked with the arrival of my new computer.  As the resident “IT” guy, it is the Boss’ responsibility to make sure that we are connected to the 21st century and that all our various devices are updated.  He said it was time to replace the computer…something about speed and storage…and so on.  So, he’s focused on getting that project up and running first and foremost. The new computer means new programs…which means I better pay attention! (and not save quite so many pictures)

new computer

When I said I was on to “other things” I meant that I got the task of putting everything back in order after the construction job was finished.  That entailed a lot of cleaning and re-organizing and asking (out loud) WHAT in the world did we save THIS for?  We (I) tend to save things that look “useful”.  And, while this often comes in handy around the farm, it can be problematic when attempting to keep the household organized. It looks like a trip to the dump is looming large on the horizon.

Somewhere in all the organizing, I got a new vet box (which I hope to stock today) in anticipation of lambing season. It's just around the corner.  Have you ever wondered WHAT is in my vet box?  For that matter what IS the vet box?  Well, here, read this one. I’m pretty sure we are well prepared for lambing, but it is always good to get a complete inventory supply with some time to spare.  This week, we’ll work the ewes and make our final preparations.  The Boss will get the jug pens arranged once we finish feeding out the extra hay and we have a little more room.
the ewes are getting bigger and bigger and...

Can you tell I’m looking forward to lambing?  It’s rather like Christmas on steroids…totally exciting and thoroughly nerve-wracking (and always over far too soon). 

isn't Ellie pretty?
This week had very little excitement (seriously, it was even duller than last week).  The dog went to the vet, again. (somehow, she had never gotten one of her shots…don’t know how that happened, but we’re good now)  But, I did get to visit with my favorite vet for the first time in a couple of years, so that was good. We talked for a bit and I think he misses our cows, too.  Then, I ended up making TWO trips to the feed store (in my preparation for the non-existent snowstorm) But, that meant that I got to visit with the hay guy (and the missus) and that was one hilarious conversation. I’m still laughing.

Can you tell I’m trying to look at life’s weird little interruptions in a positive light?  A change of attitude really helps, although it’s not always easy. (and I often fail miserably)
gorgeous light on the way home from the vet clinic

Despite the weather forecast and the lack of strong sunlight and the cold of December…there was actually stuff to pick for this week’s delivery!  While it was not as much as I would have liked to have…and nowhere near enough to satisfy ALL our customers (I’m pretty sure that is impossible anyway) we had another good week even though it was really COLD for our pick-up. Sales for this December have been at an all-time high.  We are incredibly thankful to have such great customers. We’ll spend some quality time in the hoophouses this week in an effort to keep greens production going throughout the winter.

the timing could certainly be better for paperwork

The mail brought the Census of Horticultural Specialties from the USDA and NASS.  This 28-page form needs to be completed and returned in relatively short order.  Filling out this type of paperwork (it can be done online) is time-consuming and may seem unnecessary to some. And, I admit, my first thought was not “oh, joy…more paperwork!” But, I’m just nerdy enough to appreciate all those facts and figures in one place. When all the reports are finished and the results tallied, it is amazing to see just what goes into Ag production around the nation.  And, yes, I do plan on sharing some of those facts and figures with you. Agriculture (and all it's many facets) is just astounding.

And, that was it.

 Another “truly scintillating” week on the hill. Do read the sarcasm in this sentence.

Squeekie and Sissie have the right idea

Hope you’re having a Happy Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by!  Come see us again real soon.

an amazing start to the day

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