Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Thursday Special

Happy Birthday!
Today I’ve got a deal for you!

It’s a THANKFUL Thursday, #tbt-Throwback Thursday photos…and a birthday…all rolled into one post. It's our special "three-for" Thursday.

...and it's all about the Boss. That's him in the photo above.  Awwww!

He is the one that keeps this place running on an even keel. He’s in charge of construction, maintenance, logistics, manpower…and maintaining some sense of sanity. (I'm guessing that one is the most challenging)

He is the...

King of Construction.

 Defender of the hoophouse.


Director of Entertainment.

A source of laughter when we really need it.

Teacher, coach, encourager and friend.
planting potatoes '99

teaching how to roto-till '98

waiting for the millenium

In other words, he's irreplaceable and we (I) couldn’t do this without him!

Happy Birthday, Boss! 

We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Boss from me too - we so nearly share a birthday (mine is tomorrow). What a marvellous tribute from your wife - you are quite obviously a pillar of strength. I am married to a similar man - how lucky we are.

    1. Thanks, Pat! Happy (early) Birthday!
      We are all quite lucky.
      -Tom a.k.a. the Boss

  2. I feel as though our guys have similar job descriptions :) Happy Birthday to the boss!! I hope it's a wonderful one.

    1. I think you're right, Mandy! We found us some pretty special dudes. ;)
      ...and mine thanks you for your birthday wishes.

  3. Hand he is Puppy Daddy! Happy Birthday, Boss!

    I am now off to sew a rodent.

    xo, m & jb

  4. Happy Birthday to the Boss!