Friday, July 4, 2014

A Holiday on the Hill?

A Holiday?

It’s a Holiday?

Really? A Holiday? What's that?

Oh, yeah…it’s the Fourth of July. 

A Holiday…hahahahahaha!

Yes, that was indeed the course of the conversation to start the day here on the hill. (or some semblance thereof)

Holidays don’t exist for farmers.  And…weekends are very different for Market vendors.  So, a long, holiday weekend….well…it’s just not happenin’ around here!

If it weren’t for all the red, white and blue recipes that keep turning up in my newsfeed, or all the folks saying “God Bless America” online, we probably would have missed the holiday entirely.
Fridays (4th of July, or not) are spent picking and packing for Market.  It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing…or the power is out.  We pick and pack. We’ve been spending our Fridays getting ready for Market for 17 years now.  So, today has definitely been just another Friday.

Because, despite the “holiday”, farm life goes on. 

We pick and pack…and pick and pack.

Today the Boss also did a little tilling in preparation for next week’s planting.  Ordinarily, he mows the grass in the gardens while I do the last of the picking.

I don't think the animals even noticed the holiday.

By now, the Boss has printed all the signage for the Market.  The Market freezer is full to capacity. I am going to have to get creative to stuff even one more thing in the walk-in cooler. We have recipes ready to fulfill any customer requests.  A little more herb picking after supper…and we’ll be ready to go.
full cooler
might not look like much now...

We will probably miss any fireworks (unless our Mbrook neighbors do some sort of exhibit) because 4:30AM comes pretty early and we need our sleep if we’re going to be alert and functional for the morning’s Market.

but, come 7am...we will be ready for sales
Please don’t think I’m complaining about missing a holiday…or never having a “regular” weekend.  This is a great life, but it is more than a little different compared to the rest of the country.  While we didn't see parades, fireworks or even have a picnic, we did a good, productive day and hope that tomorrow we will see the fruit of our labors.   

Hope you had a fun and safe 4th!

If you're new to the blog, here's last year's post "Independence Day". Read here. 


  1. I worked today as well. See you all in the morning.

  2. Hey Barbara!
    Same thing in the thoroughbred horse racing industry. Holiday? Vacation? There's racing on Thanksgiving!
    Hope you do your usual sell-out tomorrow! :)

  3. Hope you have a great market day. And, here on the dairy farm we know exactly what you mean :)

    1. Thanks! It was a great Market.
      I truly admire dairy farmers, they have to be the most committed of any type of farmer. :)

  4. Yep...same here. When the hay is ready you have to put it up. We got over 1200 square bales in the barn yesterday and I was too tired to care about fireworks! Have a good day at market! :)

    1. Wow! 1200 bales?
      I know it's wrong to covet...but, I truly covet 1200 bales of hay. Oh, and the place to store it. LOL
      Thanks for the good thoughts. We had a great Market. :)

  5. Barbara it is a joy to read this, especially when I remember you writing about when you first started at Homestead Hill Farm - all the trauma and the struggles you had. You should be justly proud - both of you - July 4th or not!