Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Fun Trip

Yesterday, Jed was scheduled for his yearly appointment with the vet. Loading one hundred pounds of fur and drool in the back of my vehicle always makes for a “fun” morning.

Wonder of wonders…all the barn kitties were present and accounted for when I did chores. Haha! Before they had time to finish their breakfast, I scooped them all up into the cat cage and decided to make it a group vet trip.

The cats set up a very vocal demonstration at being locked in the cage in the back of my vehicle. I began to wonder if this was such a good idea. Jed hopped right up beside them and settled in for a roadtrip. I have no idea why…but, he seems to enjoy riding in the car. He does, however, attempt to ride in the front seat. Once we worked out the seating arrangements, we were off. Everything is fine unless he stands up…then, I’m driving with absolutely no way to see out the back window or rearview mirror. This trip to the vet involved lots of radio volume adjustment (LOUD to drown out the caterwauling) and lots of “down, Jed!”

The receptionist looked rather strained when I asked if they could add all the cats into the visit, but she was pleasant about fitting the whole crew into the schedule. I must say, it was weird to hear them call “the Womack family” as I hauled 100 pounds of dog and 25 pounds of cat into the exam room.

Jed was whisked off for a weight and blood test. The cats waited anxiously for their rabies shots.

Once the cats were given their shots, we had to wait for the results of Jed’s test.

The cats all snuggled down for a little cat nap. If it hadn’t been for Jed’s incessant nervous panting, I could have dozed off as well.

Vet exam done, I hauled everyone back out to my waiting vehicle.

Back inside, the bill made me involuntarily gasp “wow!” (and not in a good way). But, now they’re vaccinated and medicated and we’re good to go until next year. The trip home was pleasantly uneventful.

Next week, Ellie goes for her vet check. Ellie doesn’t like travelling, the vet, or shots…that promises to be even more fun than this trip.

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