Monday, December 5, 2011

All the Modern Conveniences

When the Boss bought the old horse trailer to re-furbish into a henhouse, I had more than a few doubts. Since he could see the finished project in his head and I wasn’t able to imagine it, I really wondered. But, as it nears completion, I am more than a little impressed.

The hens really needed some more space, particularly when the weather is bad and they cannot get outside. After the mite issue last winter, we purchased metal nestboxes and really needed to get both units into use. When spring comes and the pullets begin to lay, the large flock of laying hens would be quite crowded in our old henhouse.

After a good deal of demolition, the new construction began.

There are hinged shutters that will allow ventilation during hot summer days, but keep the snow and cold at bay in the winter.

Poly-carbonate wall panels allow some light, while keeping it dark enough for the hens to feel safe enough to lay their eggs. The end was closed in and a "people door" installed.

The metal nest boxes have “roll-out” trays to keep the eggs clean and un-eaten. The fact they are metal with no bedding will prevent the nasty mites from finding a comfortable home. There will be another unit placed opposite of this one.

The wire floor is stable enough for human traffic, but open enough to allow the chicken manure to fall through, keeping the henhouse and hens clean.

But, the “piece de resistance”, the most modern of modern conveniences is an electric timer on the door.
This is something we have missed for a long time. Our henhouse back in Warrenton had a similar device. Pick the time; set the switch and prest-o…the chickens are closed in safely for the night! No more trips out in the cold, rain, snow, dark. No more forgetting the nightly closing due to senior moments or an early onset of sleep. Never again will we wake in the middle of the night unable to remember if we did indeed lock the chicken door.

Yippee! The Boss is brilliant!

Now, the fun part begins…the big hen transfer…
That’s a job for after dark, when all the hens are sleepy and complacent.

Here we go…

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm going to send the link to my chicken-raising brother. He will be impressed by Tom's ingenuity. So clever! And beautiful. No wonder your hens lay such great eggs.