Friday, July 25, 2014

Telling Stories

Last week, I watched an on-line drama unfold. 

I honestly don’t know what happened. 

There were accusations, angry words, and hurt feelings.  And, I’m not even talking about those who were directly involved.  Once the story got “out there” sides were chosen and opinions were stated…without having the benefit of hearing both sides. It got ugly---real ugly.  It made me feel sad, discouraged and frustrated…and I wasn’t even remotely involved, I was just an innocent bystander.

But, it colored my thinking, my attitude and definitely my mood toward a lot of things.  Up until that time, I thought the blogger world was “one big happy family”.  I really thought we were all on the same team…that we were all in support of one another (always).  Okay, I know that’s not even close to any sort of reality…but, I didn’t realize there was so much dysfunction and anger out there in cyber-world. And, quite honestly, it’s been a depressing realization.

In the quest for better SEO, more and more “likes” and “shares” and those impressive analytics, it seems to me that perhaps the true reason for blogging/advocating/sharing with the world at large has been forgotten.

Isn’t it because each individual story matters

By sharing our stories, we add to the human experience, we allow others to see what they may never have the opportunity to see in “real life”. We record this moment in time for future generations.  We have the ability (and responsibility) to open doors and change opinions by our descriptions of our own lives.

To do this, we just need to be ourselves…never trying to imitate anyone else.

But, at the same time, remember “mockery is the greatest form of flattery”.  And, yes, I do admit that can be really annoying…but, sometimes we need to just let it go...

For a while, I thought maybe I didn’t want to even be part of the whole blogging community anymore.  It seemed like there would be someone, somewhere looking to find fault all the time.  And, maybe there is…but, I still believe that everyone’s story has some sort of merit.  Perhaps by hearing the stories, someone will be inspired, convicted or just plain entertained….and that will be fulfilling what I intended to do.  

…touch someone else’s life in a positive way.

Personally, our story is not at all sexy and glamorous…or even very interesting. In some folks’ eyes we are first generation dirt farmers, eking out an existence from a tiny piece of land.   We don’t have a long line of farming blood, we don’t have big, cool equipment or have to stand up to people railing against our farming practices. There are even those who would question whether we are a farm at all.

On the other hand, there are some who think we are an inspiration, an example of “good pioneer stock”, starting with nothing and building to a thriving farm and providing food, good food, for a number of local folks…for quite some time now.  It can be seen as a story of faith, family and perseverance.

You, the reader, can decide.  You can scroll through, click out and never come back.

But, I kinda hope you’ll come back and read again…’cause I do have a story to tell.

And, I think all the stories matter—no matter how they are told.


  1. Dear Barbara,
    If you ever left cyberspace, I'd have to drive a really long way on Saturday mornings to find you!

    Funny, I am reading a book by Rob Bell called What We Talk About When We Talk About God. I put it down for just a bit to do a little blog surfing. And I'm right at the part where he's talking about how Every Story Matters. To God, and, since we are all connected, to Us -whether we realize it or not.

    I am so glad for the connection you and I share. Keep on writing, and I'll keep on reading.
    Big hugs from me and jb

    1. Well, you do know where to find me. LOL

      It sounds like an interesting book that you're reading. I have to agree...we are all connected and our words and actions have far-reaching effects of which we may never truly be aware. Therefore, we should be a little more careful sometimes. Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of folks forget that and it's just all about them. :(

      Thanks for reading and responding! Your responses always make me smile.

      Have a good one!
      Hugs right back at ya from the Valley.

  2. Well said, Barbara. If I find anything unpleasant in the comments I quickly delete it. I find blogging fills a huge gap in my life now that I am older and less mobile and the 'virtual' frieds I have made through it are most important to me. The ones i have been lucky enough to meet face to face, both in the US and in the UK, I have met feeling as though I have known them for years. As for your story - I find it absolutely inspirational - your hard work, your starting from scratch and building up a viable and fulfilling business. I for one would miss your weekly story greatly, and I am sure there are many more like me. Keep blogging and delete the dross.

    1. Thank you, Pat!
      I appreciate your kind support. I love reading about things I will probably never have the chance to experience from folks I may never get to meet in you. I particularly like your descriptions of by-gone days.
      ...and I agree with you "virtual friends are most important"!

  3. Heard the term telephone tough guy? Well it can get worse than that with the internet because you are anonymous, to an extent. I have seen gang ups online which were shocking. But I do not interact online to be nasty so I will avoid those firestarters. Speak your mind, great. Harass, stalk or threaten forget it. I am online the way I normally am, polite and a good girl!

    1. Thanks for writing, Kellie!
      You're right, the anonymity of the internet gives some a false sense of power and bravado. It gets ugly out there...and that makes me sad.
      I appreciate your continued, kind-hearted responses.