Monday, June 24, 2013

Perspective: A Lesson from the Back Porch

Check it out. 

The alien invasion has begun!

Praying mantises always make me think of aliens.  I guess it’s the big eyes and the odd movements. …and the fact that I watched far too many science fiction shows in my younger years.

I think that praying mantises are probably the coolest in the insect world.  They’re oddly interesting.  Sort of friendly and a little creepy at the same time.  They are welcomed by gardeners everywhere. Did you read this from last year?

The other night I found a little visitor in the barn.  I carefully carried him/her to the back porch for a little photo session. He/she was quite friendly and cooperative. I think I took nearly 200 shots of the little creature. (oh, digital photography, how I love you!) 

The opening close-up gives you no…absolutely NO…sense of scale. No perspective. Does it?

How ‘bout this?

Yep, my little friend was not even a half inch long! He/she is posing on a can of dog food.

Before I finished the “shoot”, I got to thinking how perspective is crucial. Not only in photography…but, in all aspects of life.

When Life “does a number” on me…when unforeseen problems arise and/or things go wrong,  I tend to focus on the immediate problem…and it often seems huge, insurmountable, and sometimes (a lot of times) that perspective keeps me from seeing that the solution is quite simple.

It’s as simple as taking a step back and re-evaluating the situation.  A simple matter of re-focusing…

Without perspective, we are (I am) stuck…unable to make the change that may indeed make ALL the difference.

Here’s hoping I can remember this bit of enlightenment as our little friend heads out in to the 
great unknown to conquer the insect world! 


  1. NancyGeneArmstrongJune 24, 2013 at 10:02 AM

    Oh Super! I have been on the lookout here-Louisiana-for my favorite insect. They are just wonderful. A couple of years back I had a huge group hatch on the back patio. IF I had known they would kill each other I would have moved them all over the yard-but I put them on one bush-now I now better. Love your photo.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Hoping your favorite insect makes an appearance this year.