Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday Walkabout - Pictorial

spring comes to the farm

I totally dropped the ball lately and I know there are folks wondering what's been going on here on the hill.

The short answer is "nothing new...not much...same old, same old..." And, I realize I've said that all too often.

I got distracted and my attention has been elsewhere.  But, here are some photos from April!
Spring has arrived and Market season is upon us. 

We're working on new projects and trying to work around the continual rains.  

cherry branch

spring flowers

spring across the Valley
I've been doing a little writing here and there and you can check that out on
I truly hope to get back to the farm blog by the end of the month. (I must...I have even MORE photos to share!)

some days I truly love my job!

the lambs are growing well

and keeping us busy
(yes, he is stuck in the fence...again!)

I like this one's white eyebrows

first broilers for Market

first radishes for Market

"It's time for a paddock shift.
We need fresh grass!"

spring grazing

rain on the maple tree

rain on the bluejay

morning has broken

apple blossom

wild cherry blossom

peach blossom


planting potatoes
(it's no wonder our backs hurt!)


hilling potatoes

maple helicopter by moonlight

more maple helicopters

redbud leaves

redbud blossoms

pink dogwood at the Market

Market tulips

rufus sided towhee

leaving for Opening Day of Market

you would never believe they get along!

Tess forcing Karma to "pet" her

end of the brooder 

house finch

sourdough bread



compost pile mushrooms

more mushrooms

Goldfinches mean it's SPRING


he's got something to say

sunset over the Valley
 But, until then...thanks for stopping by. I hope we can "visit" again soon.

Have a Happy Sunday! 

redbud leaf in the rain


  1. A loaf of that sourdough and a bunch of those shiny radishes on my doorstep one morning would be very welcome. Have missed you.

    1. I'd bring them to you in an instant, Pat, if I could!
      Thanks for checking in. :)

  2. The bread looks delicious and your photos are beautiful. How lovely to have so many different birds.

    1. Thank you!
      I love when the birds visit us.

  3. Your photos and your writing are just so fabulous! You really inspire me to get out and start noticing the details in my life. You seem to find so much beauty everywhere!! I am sorry to hear of your pain and hope you find ways to get relief. It makes you even more amazing to me because you don't just crawl in bed and feel sorry for yourself - you live a busy life and enjoy nature and share your beautiful thoughts and pictures! Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I truly appreciate your kind words!
      I hope you'll come "visit" again.

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