Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sunday Walkabout 4-1

We had the week all planned…

Things were going to happen. 
“To-do” was going to be replaced with “ALL DONE!”
Serious headway was going to be made.

Then, we were both laid low by some virulent virus making the rounds through the Valley. That spelled the end of any plans as we battled some mysterious microbes.

Mercifully we were not both ill at the same time. That would make for some serious challenges when it comes to chores.

The Boss recovered more quickly than I did. Maybe I’m just more whiny…or wimpy…but, I have absolutely NO recollection of Tuesday whatsoever. And, I think I might just be in a serious relationship with the recliner.

We eventually returned our normal-abnormality and we actually made a little headway on all the things we need to do before Opening Day of the Farmers’ Market.

inside the potato warehouse
(those are NOT all ours...thankfully)

watching the repair crew from the kitchen window
dogs and sheep on stand-by

one determined onion

tilling the lower garden beds

Yes, Opening Day is right around the corner. And, YES, I am beginning to panic just a little. Okay, maybe more than a little.

Winter weather might return
just in time for Market

So, you will understand that this week’s post is not my best work. But, there are a few pretty pictures.

white violet

apple blossoms

shadows on the mountains

barn at sunrise

Easter cactus

Gus and Karma enjoy a romp in the frosty morning


peach buds

Have a Happy Sunday! 

Thanks for stopping by. Come “visit” us again soon!

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  1. How I wish we had the red cardinal here. I saw one once on a visit to the US - what a beautiful bird it is.
    I know you will be ready for the opening market - you worry every year and you always make it - so good luck and hope you are both feeling on top form again.