Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Walkabout 10-16

#1 grandson helping with chores
Lengthening shadows…

   The first colored leaves…

             …and FROST…

It is definitely October!

layer chicks arrived

Not much happened on the hill this week. So, a few photos will have to suffice.
  fall decorations by Nature

little repair job

doing chores with Grandpa
(LOVE those boots)

end of cucumber season

foggy, frosty morning

Fall broccoli

Sugarloaf  mountain in the mist

frosty sunrise
morning commute

sure sign of fall at the Market

frosty start to the day


heading out to graze at sunrise

Friday afternoon visitor

next week's project

Hope you’re having a Happy Sunday! 

full moon through the pines

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll try to have an actual post for you next time.

...ooops! Almost forgot the link to the Boss' Market photos. Here you go. Click THIS.


  1. I have really loved looking at your photographs. Grandson looks so happy with Granpa.
    How I envy you that cardinal - wish we had them here. I bought a key ring with one on when I was last in the US - I use it every day.

  2. I love those little snippets of time. I especially like the one where you captured a praying mantis trying to break into your house! -Jenn

  3. Love the photos! So pretty. Pretty soon, you will be hunkering down tight. :) I wish, lol. Florida. Thanks for shaing