Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Day in the Valley

The first full day of Spring here in our part of the Valley was so gorgeous, I just had to share.

While the first full day of Spring is no guarantee of warm weather (we still have six weeks of potential frost) and the wind was more than a little chilly, it was a fine, spring day.

 I even had to take a little detour on my way to town, trying to capture the still snowy mountains and the brilliant blue skies.
Mt. Tabor church

on the way home

 The end of the day was pretty, too. While the sunset wasn't one of those "spectacular" ones...the clear sky made for a nice light and a lovely, glowing end to a beautiful day.

A nearly full moon graced the night sky...

Happy SPRING, y'all!

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  1. Barbara, how nice to see a little of the countryside around where you live. The photographs are superb - I particularly love the moon one. Full moon tonight, so hope the sky is clear.