Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Gimme a Hand!"

Agriculture isn't all about big tractors and expensive equipment...or endless acres of crops.

Our small operation requires a WHOLE LOT of hand-work. And as half of the workforce , I can't tell you how many times someone says...

"Hey, gimme a hand here!" 

So, taking it literally ('cause I'm a pretty literal minded sort)  

Here is a somewhat "modified" Wordless Wednesday featuring HANDS. (namely, MY hands) in a small sampling of my jobs here on the hill. 

Don't be misled...the Boss (and his hands) does more than his fair share.  I just don't follow him around with a camera all day.

driving to the feedstore

harvesting broccoli

moving chicks to pasture

harvesting winter squash

helping with construction

seeding lettuce
feeding babies
feeding the humans
chicken rescuing hand

after weeding

getting 'taters ready for planting

mulching broccoli

transplanting spinach

maintaining the ram harness

helping tow the garden tractor

tying tomatoes

medicating sheep

endless weeding

cleaning birdhouses
to attract beneficial birds

helping with building project

helping with tractor 

winter feeding

greenhouse fertilizing

broiler processing

catching chicks

guard dog pedicure

barn cleaning

lambing and iodine

lettuce picking

pen repair



thinning seedlings

I was serious...
the weeding is ENDLESS!


My grandmother molded my thinking about lending a hand, and having "capable hands". To truly appreciate how...please read THIS.

...and don't worry...I DO occasionally WASH my hands! (promise)

And, a special thanks to the Boss for some of the shots.

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