Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Walkabout 2-28

Here we are at the end of another month (well, almost) …

Hard to believe that Spring is just 3 short weeks away.  And, even harder to believe that the Market starts 4 weeks from Saturday!

That means things need to kick into high gear around here. And, QUICKLY!

So, despite the muck and misery that MORE rain brought…we did just that.

I haven’t researched it, but, it certainly seems like we have seen more than our fair share of gray, drizzly days this winter.  I won’t complain about the lack of snow and ice, but I really struggle when we don’t see the sun and blue sky. And, quite honestly, all the rain is not a blessing at this time of year.
I don't think they want to come out of the barn!

All the moisture has turned the barnyard into a swamp. That happens every year about this time, but nothing ever prepares me for slogging through the “quicksand”. Choretime now includes much fervent prayer...that I don’t either lose my boots or face-plant into the muck. (I kid you not)

The winds blew in behind the torrential rains and thunderstorm (!) of early in the week. This is always the way. And, despite the difficulties that wind brings (we lost power for a while one day) at least the mud is drying up.

There was awful weather in other parts of the state and several people lost their lives to a tornado...many more losing homes and possessions, so we have nothing to complain all.

chick days at the farm store
On one of our trips to town (this was one of those weeks where it seemed like we went somewhere every single day) we picked up a few chicks. The first broilers were set to arrive from the hatchery on Friday, but I had forgotten to increase the number for that batch, so we bought the additional ones in town. Since the nights have been particularly cold, the Boss set them up in the shop for a few days. The two groups assimilated quickly and will all head out to the brooder in the morning.

We will have fresh chicken for Market before the end of April!

We also bought onion sets on our trip to town.  Bunches and bunches of onion sets. We’re trying something different this season, so we have three colors of onion sets.  Most of these will go into the cooler for storage until planting time. Some of these will actually go in the hoophouse this week (maybe even this afternoon) in hopes of having green onions for the early days of the Market.

The Market...

Opening Day of the Market is looming large on the horizon. (I think I may have already said that...)

too bad that chickweed doesn't sell well!
it's about the only thing growing well this time of year

That first weekend of April comes all too soon for me in some ways.  175 frost-free days do not allow much time for growth. And, we cannot count on those days until well into May...sometimes even later. So, the early days of the Market season are somewhat lean when it comes to offerings. (and earnings)

But, we have serious germination in the greenhouses!

 All those seeds I started last week have sprouted and growth has begun. Now, it is just a matter of maintenance until time to transplant the seedlings. Despite the cold, we will be able to plant in the hoophouses in a couple of weeks.  By covering the plants at nighttime, we should be able to maintain growth with no supplemental heat. (which is a good thing since we have no supplemental heat) And, we should be harvesting greens again within a month.

Then, we worked the sheep. It was time to give everyone a dose of wormer and the lambs got shots to protect them from tetanus and enterotoxemia. This was also our first weight check to see how they are all progressing. And, I must say, I was happy with the results. They all (even the triplets) look good and are growing very well.

triplets nursing

sheep grazing

bottle baby helping herself

And, just like that...we’re back in the swing of things. Chicks in the brooder, plants in the greenhouse, supplies bought for yet another construction project...

I guess it's okay that the countdown to Spring really has begun...we're as ready as we will ever be.

Happy Sunday! 

I found a crocus in the backyard!

Thanks for stopping by.  Come back and “visit” again real soon!


  1. Can't be anything in this world cuter than a baby chick. Although a lamb
    looking for its bottle is pretty close.

    1. Chicks really are the cutest...
      ...except Jersey calves...oh, my goodness! Those eyes. Sadly, our cow days are in the past tense.
      So, lambs and chicks will have to do. :)

  2. I want to get chickens - but right now, we are enjoying our healthy lamb crop! They are so much fun!

  3. I want to get some chicks - but right now we are enjoying our new lambs! They are so cute and so much fun!

  4. Barbara, what a lovelu upbeat post - you stay cheerful through thick and thin it always seems to me. Everything looks to be flourishing - long may it continue to do so.

    1. Thanks, Pat!
      I am trying hard to remain has been a real struggle this winter.
      I am SO looking forward to SPRING.