Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Walkabout 2-14

sunbathing lambs

This has been one of those weeks that has left me scratching my head and wondering...

WHAT did I do all week?

An entire week just went by and I have nothing…nothing to show for it. You might think I’m kidding. But, I’m not. There is no tangible evidence of any sort of effort on my part. …unless you count the fact that we are all still alive, fed, sheltered, and in the part of the humans, wearing clean clothing…

I have no explanation other than it’s February…mid-February to be exact.

early morning chores

Mid-February is just hard. The excitement of lambing is over. Barn chores are a monotonous round of checking and feeding. And, while the lambs are doing has all just become routine. The cold weather means that someone (generally the Boss) has to head out hourly and gather eggs, just often enough to interfere with complete relaxation. Our inventory for winter sales is rapidly dwindling. The relentless wind means that despite the cranking woodstove, the house still feels cold. Hibernation is looking better and better…
late evening barn check

In years past, I have had the greenhouse full of starts by now. However, we re-calculated some of our planting dates (hoping to miss the last freeze of Spring) and that meant seeding dates would be later this year than in years past.

I fully intended to get all the early seeding done this week. But, with the forecast including several days where the temperatures would be FAR below freezing (and single digits at night) we made the decision to wait again.

I hate waiting. I feel like I’m just wasting time…

checking lambs

feeding lambs

heatlamps for cold days/nights

contented lamb

But, I got the taxes done! Since the farm is incorporated, those taxes have to be filed by March 15th. I am glad to say they are completed and sent off to the proper agencies. All the accounts are settled and the filing has been done. We’re all ready to start over for 2016. That’s a load off my mind!

After some more wintry weather, it looks like the temperatures will re-bound nicely and I can finally get all those seeds started. I’m looking forward to that. Nothing like a greenhouse full of GREEN on a winter day! Although, that reminds me…I better move the potting soil to a warm place so it can thaw out.

ice crystals on the back door
Yes, it is that cold. So cold that the potting soil is frozen…inside the greenhouse. And, when it is that cold, there is no real point to attempting to start seeds. It takes some warmth to encourage germination. As a matter of economy, our greenhouses are not a re-creation of the tropics. The heat is minimal at best. And, if the plants are started as early as is humanly possible, without the benefit of continual heat and light, they get long and spindly and never perform well in the garden. It really is better to wait. (even though I hate waiting)

The week ended with supper at Blondie and Tbone’s. After a number of related, work related...lambing season...and kids moving...we finally had my birthday supper. I always enjoy having the whole family together. It is amazing that last year we had NO idea that there would be two grandsons...let alone two grandsons who are beginning to “talk” and toddle about!  I appreciated the effort and love my "pres-tents" (childhood mis-pronunciation that persists) from my kids....but, grandbabies...That’s got to be the best part of a family get together!

I think he's saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Check out the Shaun-the-Sheep cake!
Thanks Tbone!

oh, that face!

…and that, my friends, is all that happened here on the hill this week…

Here’s hoping you have a

Happy Sunday! 

…and a great week!

We’re facing a winter storm warning. That’s never good. The predicted snowfall is minimal at best…however, the words ICE and FREEZING RAIN are actually more threatening than snow. Ice makes for some beautiful scenery, but generally means treacherous travel and potential power outages.

All I can say is…

               THINK SPRING!

Thanks for stopping by! Come “visit” us again real soon.


  1. Think Spring indeed Barbara. Not long go now.
    Adore that Shaun the Sheep cake.