Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Saturday Silly from the Barnyard

“In anticipation of the return of wintry weather, the Boss took advantage of a relatively nice day and did some renovation/clean-up work behind the barn.”

That was all I was going to write.  It was just going to be a part of my Sunday Walkabout post. Nothing really exciting, but definitely noteworthy.

…and then things got weird.

Or funny.

Or weird and funny.  And, I knew I had to share.

So…here’s the story.

We have a drainage issue behind the barn.

Whenever we get a big rain (snow) the water ponds in front of the stock tank, threatening to become a lake.  As conditions dry, it becomes a swamp.  It’s gross, to say the least.  Did you read this? or this?

But, since drainage issues are only issues when it rains or snows, the job didn’t make it to the HIGH PRIORITY list. Until Thursday.  With several potential storms in the forecast, and a little cooperative afternoon weather (above freezing) time was of the essence.

The back of the barn was duly cleaned, a quick construction project completed and installed and the Boss could check one more thing off his seemingly endless to-do list.

The new bridge is higher and wider which should eliminate ponding and water back-up. The bridge is the quickest, easiest and most economical (read, CHEAP) solution to the problem. Looks like this new construction should work just fine!

But, any new construction is terrifying to sheep. Actually anything new is terrifying.  Sometimes even the everyday is terrifying to them.


In humans, this level of anxiety would require medication. But, that’s sheep for you. Every day can be a new adventure in terror.

For a while, they all walked way out around the new, frightening bridge, looking over their shoulders while they passed as if they feared a stealth attack from the bridge itself.

Then, one of the little ones jumped up on it. 

This is Violet. (yes, she has a name.  yes, that means she’s staying…but, you already guessed that, didn’t you?)
 She walked the length.

She sniffed.

 I think she was checking for trolls underneath. (surely you remember The Three Billy Goats Gruff ?)

Then, one of the yearlings got brave. This is Reba, she's one of the "teen-age" sheep who is not bred for this season, but will be for next year. To keep this in perspective, you must understand she weighs well over 100 pounds. 

She danced.

She pronked. Or stotted. (it's that odd bouncing on all fours that quadrapeds do at times)

She kicked her legs out sideways.

She and Violet began to “dance” together.

Then it became a free-for-all.

Check this out. (I apologize in advance for the poor quality and the sunflares)

...and don’t worry…Violet was fine after getting rolled in the mud. She just learned if you’re gonna dance with the big girls---pay attention---things can get wild!

The celebratory dancing lasted a long time.  I got bored and returned to other more pressing concerns. (you supper prep…and MORE baby bottles)

They were still dancing when I went for my late night barn check.

Who would have known a little change at the barn could bring such entertainment for man and beast?
(and keeps us out of the mud!)

My name is "Reba"
and I was not consulted about this video


  1. How I laighed Barbara. All goes to prove the saying round her,' there's nowt so daft as sheep.'

  2. I have really enjoyed the videos the last couple of days!