Thursday, March 14, 2013

Farming Equations

The very fact that today is Pi Day appeals to my very truly nerdy self.  Not only is it Pi day…it’s also Albert Einstein’s birthday…AND the date is 3-14-13, which is Pi backward and forward. A numerical palindrome, if you will.  How cool is that?

Pie ARE square!  (oh come on....laugh!)

Einstein and his theory of relativity and the idea that “Pi are square” got me thinking about all the equations that we count on in our day to day work here on the hill.  Yeah, we need to compute distances, square feet and sometimes even cubic feet, but we also need to know that certain combinations always equal the same results. There are good equations and bad equations and most of the time we know far in advance what the results will be.

For instance, here is a GOOD equation:



 Equals lots and lots of lambchops!

Whereas, this one…


Over an inch of rain

a bunch of sheep

    or a bunch of chickens...

Equals MUD


Now, that's just gross!

But, the equation that perhaps has the biggest effect on all of the inhabitants here on the hill is this one…

Big Snow plus

a couple of warm, sunny days

Equals the beginning of something wonderful...

Lush re-growth in all the paddocks

While it doesn’t look like much now, give this a couple of weeks of warmth, a little more rain and LOTS of sunshine…the animals will be back on pasture and we’ll be looking forward to HAY season! 


…and since it’s Thursday…I must say…I am thankful that we can depend on all these equations. 

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