Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Gift for You, Sports Fans

you see a giant ice cube
I see the foundation for a whole new sport
Despite the fact that we are not at all sports oriented here on the hill, we do have our fair share of entertaining and interesting feats of physical prowess. (the animals…definitely NOT not the humans)  Did you read/see “El Lambo Cross"?

This year, we have something new and amazing.  It’s pretty funny and I offer it as a gift to all of you who may be suffering some sort of sports withdrawal or the need for something new.

A name completely escapes me.  It’s a hybrid sport, some odd combination of field hockey, ice hockey and curling…invented by none other than Gus (our uniquely talented guardian dog). Somewhere in Gus’ “job description” it must say something about keeping the humans amused or at the very least utterly bewildered. Did you read this one?

The frigid weather meant that the water buckets in the jug pens froze.  Froze solid. In order to get the ice out and re-use the buckets, we placed them upside down in the sunshine, where we waited for the sun to warm them slightly and release the ice.  This method always works, but it takes a while and we are left with giant ice cubes sitting around the farm. (Each bucket is two gallons, so the ice cubes are sizeable)

Giant ice cubes and giant cold-weather loving dog are a perfect combination.

                                              Because the Pyrs LOVE winter!

The other afternoon, I heard a great deal of commotion outside the barn.  Sounds of scratching and growling were interspersed with some sort of thumping. Puzzled, I looked out to see Gus attacking one of the giant ice cubes.

He jumped.

He growled.

He pushed it with his nose.

He clawed it and rolled it over.

 Then, he would start the whole thing over again.

This went on for quite some time.  He made an effort to involve the cats (no way, dog…leave us alone) Ellie was equally unimpressed.  So, he played by himself.

Eventually, he picked up the giant icecube…(yes, in his mouth) and carried it off.

He took it to the orchard where he proceeded to “guard” it. (and lick it from time to time…like a giant snowcone)

Apparently, the goal of the game was to get all the icecubes to the orchard.  There were at least three scattered among the trees at one point.  I guess I should be glad, this will provide more moisture for the trees.

Sadly for Gus, the frigid weather passed (unfortunately, it is near certain to return) so his precious ice cubes will become just a memory like “woodhenge” before them. You can read about another of Gus'  projects HERE.

Field-ice-curling-hockey season may be short and unpredictable, but it does provide some much-needed amusement on a cold and gloomy winter’s day.

Yay, Gus!  

                  Go, Farm Dogs!

Watch here...


  1. Gus is wearing an expression (in the "guarding the ice ball-puck-rock thingie" photo) that makes him look Just like the Boss.
    :) m & jb (who has a cold and has mother-cat a little worried)

    1. Hopin' JB is feeling better and her mother-cat can stop worrying! Furry/woolly/feathery patients are most worrisome. (since they can't tell you what's wrong)

  2. She seems to be less snorky today and actually ate most of her breakfast.
    Hope I didn't insult you / the Boss by comparing an expression of his to the one Gus was wearing in the photo. (She said worriedly.)

  3. Oh my gosh! Not insulted AT ALL. Gus should be happy for the compliment. haha I should have acknowledged the comment, but focused on your sick kitty and completely lost focus before typing the end of my sentence. (I'm blaming sleep deprivation, but we all know that is just how I am...)
    ...and by the way, the Boss thought it was HI-larious. ;)
    Glad JB is better. Maybe she needs some catnip tea!