Thursday, March 7, 2013

Short and Sweet: A Thankful Thursday

This week, I will be succinct (well…relatively...).

A snow in March in this part of the world is wet and heavy and quite often disastrous

As we watched the forecast get more and more significant, we did all we could to prepare…and then we watched, waited and prayed.

The snow started Tuesday evening and by 2:30am on Wednesday, we had NO electricity and knew that we were in for some serious “issues”.

With the memories of “post-Derecho-Mbrook” in  mind, we began to make plans for an extended outage. Before it was over, there were approximately 20 inches of the white stuff covering every inch of the farm.

But, by Thursday afternoon, the amazing snowstorm had indeed stopped and begun to melt, the power outage had been resolved…and most importantly…there were NO casualties here on the hill.  There was absolutely no loss of life (or sanity) and the clean-up will be minimal. WOW!

Of course, there are stories to tell and pictures to share…however, for now…we just want to say,

“Thank you, Lord” for getting us through another one of those situations that either make you or break you.

We also need to give thanks to our friends who prayed us through it all. ...and to the power company crews who worked through the night...we say...

                     THANK YOU!

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