Thursday, November 8, 2012

Eyes to the Skies

This time of year, the sunrises and sunsets are amazing.

 Simply amazing.

I’m sure there is some sort of scientific explanation…ice crystals in the atmosphere…angle of the sun.  But, rather than try to explain the technicalities, I would just like to enjoy the beauty.

During daylight hours, the cloud formations make for some amazing sights as well.  Sometimes the sky is dark and angry looking as a storm approaches, other times the combination of bright sky and puffy white clouds is utterly dazzling.

By stopping for a moment to appreciate the beauty, we are granted a quick re-charge and a new appreciation of the place we live.  …and some very nice sky shots.

I cannot imagine living where you couldn't see the sky or watch the light and shadow change over the fields and hills.

Keeping my eyes to the skies...I'm given a gift each time I look.

I might see amazing cloud formations, gaze on vivid hues and gorgeous light...or experience some moment of wonder...


                                                                        ...any and all of which make me thankful on this Thursday.

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