Sunday, February 14, 2021

A February Walk-about


I read an article the other day in which the author claimed that we’d all “hit the wall” of the pandemic. You know, like marathon runners often do, just shy of the finish line. Some of the commentors dragged her for her sloppy use of metaphor and others pointed out some fallacies in her analogy. But, after reading social media posts from friends and family, I’m going to go out on a limb and say I think she was right. Or at the very least, made a credible point.

We have hit a wall. No hyperbole. Not even a little bit.

even Gus is done with winter

The difference being in a marathon, be it 26.2 or the unimaginable 50 or 100 miles of an ultra, you at least know there IS a finish line. And, you’ve signed on and prepared for the event. Through rigorous training you know your own capabilities, you have a support team in place. And, there is some sort of reward waiting at that finish line.

I can’t imagine trying to run a marathon without any preparation. Yet, that is how we are facing COVID-19.      

No one I know expected a global pandemic. Although, after reading Robin Cook’s Outbreak (published in 1987) I paid attention each and every time some strange new illness popped up in the news. I wondered what would happen if fiction ever became reality. We heard tragic reports as the virus made its way around the globe and that first US death February 6, 2020 drove it all home.

I won’t recap the year of shut-downs and cancellations, isolation and fear…I’m sure you can account for all of those yourself.  It’s completely understandable that we’re weary and worn and out of sorts, and few have offered any truly viable solutions.

February is hard anyway. (my very personal musing can be found HERE)  It’s cold and dark…and despite the hoopla surrounding Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions, (I’d really like to know WHO decided that a groundhog has prognostication powers) Spring always seems too far away.

At least it is pretty...

This year, we’ve had more snow in the 14 days of February than all of last winter. (not saying much, last winter was pretty much a bust) But, I’ve measured nearly 2 feet in our yard over the past two weeks. And, that’s not counting the freezing rain/sleet. Yesterday’s precipitation is frozen on top of the last snow, making for a treacherous trek to the barn. The roadways are apparently in bad shape, too. (I’m thinking it will be a long, long time before I attempt going down our steep driveway) During a nine-hour period, the VA state police responded to 366 traffic accidents across the state. And, there are still thousands of people without power.

so pretty

cleaning off the hoophouse

another 6 inches!

blowing snow...again

Between the pandemic, the weather and personal concerns…we won’t even address politics and societal ills…the worries just keep on coming. Traumas build on each other. And, after a while, they truly seem overwhelming.

Hit the wall? I’d say so.

That was quite literally the case of the Mbrk Post Office. Someone drove their vehicle INTO the building, right through the brick wall. I don’t know if this was weather-related. I do know that the Post Office employee was not injured, although badly shakened. Mail delivery will be re-routed for at least three weeks while they repair the building. So, one more for the record books. (seriously, 2021 will far surpass 2020 when it comes to historic events—and not in a good way)

I don’t have any jazzy “life-hacks” to help get through this hard time. I can’t tell you how to jump to the front of the vaccination queue. I'm struggling to find my own motivation, so I cannot fault you for searching for yours. I won’t tell you to “think positive” or “get in nature” or “eat some carbs”. (seriously, that’s the best some advisors can do?) I wish I could make spring come quicker. Or grant a little encouragement, not only to you…but, to myself.

But, if there is any comfort in the sameness of life on the hill, then I do have something to offer.

The rhythm of the seasons continues…and yet there is always something new to discover. Take a look around... 


arugula flower in the hoophouse

baby lettuce in the greenhouse


voicing their opinion about the snow 
(it's not good)

crow behind the barn

barn icicles

feather in the morning light


kingfisher at the creek


cardinals in the birch tree



"ice fog"

well, howdy, Otis!


redwing blackbird in the snow

Remy does not approve
(your choice of subject)


cardinal in the snow

snow on wisteria

teasels at the creek


like mother, like daughter

table scrap treats tempt the hens out of the house

Lambing season is over and considered a success by any standard. While the hens don’t appreciate the snow on their little bare chicken feet, the pullets are beginning to lay, so the cycle of life continues. And, the seed orders, small by comparison to the past, have arrived and are awaiting warmer days. Farm life continues...

look at those eyes!
peek-a-boo lamb
hello, handsome!

lunch al fresco

how do I tell the cat the heatlamps are for LAMBS?

lots of lambs

warm lambs on a cold morning

just hangin' out with my sheeps

So, there are reasons to hope.

I suppose we just need to hold onto those…particularly when the days seem dark and dismal and the way seems long and hard.

Keep in mind…

                                            “Every storm runs out of rain.”   -Maya Angelou

(time for my requisite sky photos)

weather rolling in

sunrise at the barn

15 minutes later





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Happy Sunday! 



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  1. Your post is so lovely and I enjoyed all of the fabulous photos you have shared here. Your words are supportive and comforting and you are right that we do get tired and sad but then...we try again tomorrow...

    1. Thank you SO much for reading and commenting!
      I hope you have a lovely week.

  2. Barbara - the pleasure and joy your monthly post brings to me makes blogging worth while. Those glorious bird photographs - the fact that your lambing has finished and not a single complaint, the sight of those dogs actually laying in the snow, their fur coats keeping out the cold. Yes, you are right, Spring will be here shortly, politics will sort themselves out, Covid will be beaten and all will be well. Love to youf

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!
      I will hold them close as we slog through another week.
      Love to you, too.

  3. Snow is lovely when viewed from indoors, not so good when you have to trudge through it to do farm work! Lovely photos of the lambs......they brought back many happy memories of our farm in France.

    1. I completely agree about the snow! If I could just figure out how to do chores from indoors.
      So glad you enjoyed the lamb photos.
      Thanks for reading. Have a lovely week.

  4. It was good to see the dogs happily lying on the snow, and the cat the heat lamp! But I can well believe your despondency, I’ve heard it from other UK bloggers too. People who haven’t seen their children or grandchildren for a year now, and are just “over it”. Your beautiful photos of birds, animals and wonderful skies remind me that we must look for the positive wherever we can in these desperate times. Thank you for your words and pictures. Keep well, keep your hearts up.

    1. Thank you for your kind words!
      We're going to start another round of "socially-distanced" (or non-existent) birthday celebrations. So, I am truly fighting despondency.
      But, encouraging words from others are such a gift. I truly appreciate yours.