Monday, January 14, 2019

Snow Day on the Farm

It's snowing...
and this ewe is NOT amused!

In case you missed out on the snow...we had about 5 inches over the are more than welcome to share ours!

Here are a few shots, mostly from the kitchen window.

...and so it begins...

dinner date at the bird feeder

1st lamb arrived
he's been joined by 2 more
(the rest should arrive over the weekend)

this woodpecker looks COLD!

"majestic" Gus

a new bird feeder in the backyard means we're getting lots of visitors

heading out for morning chores

snow blowing before breakfast

pretty mama cardinal in the snow

woodpecker at the feeder

Stay warm! Stay safe! We're getting ready for another potential snowstorm...

1 comment:

  1. Please don't send your snow our way Barbara, but I wish we had cardinals here - they are exquisite. Poor you, lambing in the snowy conditions. Do you keep them in until the snow has gone?