Monday, May 14, 2018

Sunday Walkabout 5-13

Spring in the Valley…

canterbury bells

beautiful skies

bleeding heart

tree swallow

first oak leaves

paulownia tree flowers

mr. and mrs. bluebird

Sunday afternoon
Ah, yes Spring!

...lasted approximately seven seconds this year. 

It was less than two weeks ago that we were talking freeze warnings. And, this week the temperatures flirted with the 90* mark. I kid you not!

Now, it feels like we are smack-dab in the middle of the growing season with the to-do list growing by the moment.

So, this week’s walkabout is a somewhat abbreviated photo essay. Hope you don’t mind! 

burning dandelions

hot morning in the broccoli garden

checking fencelines

on to greener pastures

ewes on the hill 

saying HI! to the "seeps"

tomato pots

greenhouse helper

greenhouse helper?

tomato blossom

morning grazing

planting first squash

chillin' with mom

pretty morning

stretch it out

grazing after the storm
farm dogs

raindrops on maple leaves

The week ahead promises lots of action. There are chickens to process, lambs to wean and more than  a few things to plant...

It's supposed to be hot. It's supposed to rain (almost every day). So, things might get interesting. 

Thanks for stopping by.

 Hope you'll "visit" again soon.

                           Have a GREAT week!

Have you ever heard the saying
"at the end of a Spring day
you should smell like dirt!" ?
Karma certainly has!

The link to this week's Farmers' Market photos.


  1. Do wish we had bluebirds here.
    Love your photo blog Barbara - warm weather and rain - a combination that spells out lots of growing.

    1. Thank you, Pat!
      I didn't realize there weren't bluebirds in England. We have what I am assuming are several families. They're quite friendly and seem to like being photographed. You'll be seeing them often.

  2. omg, the dogs! lolol. they are so funny!

    1. They certainly add to the "atmosphere" around here. Crazy things.
      I think I need to write a puppy aren't going to believe it. HAHAHAHA
      Thanks for reading. :)