Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Faces of the Fair

Big top at the Rockingham County Fair

Here are a few of the faces I saw at this year's fair...

goldfish on the midway

Her name is Attitude

She looks to HAVE an attitude

a CUTE face

sleepy faces

Fun!  or Terror?  You decide

Hi! I'm a photogenic goat.

Boer goat

Hey! It's me again...did ya get my good side?
Hereford heifer
Angus calf
I don't want no bath!

Mama and newborn Jersey calf

Suffolk lambs waiting for the show

Thoughtful, focused faces

stylish Holstein girls

Pretty Jersey girl

I think he just woke up

and this one is plum wore out!
the face(s) of determination

three contented cows enjoy a snack
the face of hard work
Apparently no one enjoys a bath
Disgust is the only description of the look on her face!

Being at the fair is exhausting
Bet you never saw a face like this!
Now, this looks like a HAPPY hog!

Hope you enjoyed this little trip around the fair!


  1. Yes I really did enjoy that trip round Barbara. It is our local Wensleydale Show on Saturday but my mobility is not good enough for me to go. I am hoping to persuade the farmer to take some photographs for the blog though.

    1. I'm sorry you have to miss the show, Pat, and I do hope the farmer will take some photos for you. The animal exhibits are definitely my favorite part of the fair.

  2. What cute/fun pix! You are a good captioner. Face(s) of Determination reminds me of the old Arabic saying, "The camel driver has his plans. The camel has his own plans."
    Hard to choose, but the "I think he just woke up" pink piggy is my fav. His ears are just so darn cute!

    1. I've got some sheep that must think they're camels. LOL
      Pigs definitely make for some good fair photos. They are personable. The "photogenic goat" actually bit my arm in order to make me pay attention to him! I took a number of shots and then he baa-ed after me as I walked away. lol
      I emailed you my address. Hope you got it!