Monday, October 19, 2009

October at the Market

This is REALLY what 7 o'clock, opening time, looks like at the Market. The light in the photo comes from a Coleman lantern off to the side.

Saturday, October 17, 2009, was cold and damp, and for the first hour, DARK! This is the time of the year where it becomes obvious which vendors do this for "fun" and which ones are truly full-time. It was especially bare at the Market this week, because there was snow in the forecast. A lot of customers stayed in because it was so cold. On the way into town, I found myself wondering WHY we chose to do THIS for a living!

But, out of the darkness, the faithful came. It was so dark for my first sale, that the solar calculator didn't work. The sun made a brief appearance, the customers came and bought. We had a good day!

I was humbled by the number of folks who thanked us for being there. My response was to thank THEM for coming!! It is great to do what you love!

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