Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 5-12

**this one is late...we've been "internet-less" all weekend...and I'm not organized enough to get my posts scheduled to post without me**

This week was defined by rain



Well over six inches of rain soaked the farm this week.

When the most welcome bright and glorious sunshine arrived, it brought with it breezy conditions and much cooler temperatures. The temperatures are going to be the story of the upcoming week.

Despite all the rain, we didn't have any serious issues.
It looks like an ancient riverbed all the way through
the hoophouse
We did have water flow under the bandboards and THROUGH hoophouse #1.  That hasn't ever happened before and it made me glad I hadn't gotten around to planting that area at the time of the flood.

The Boss devoted a good deal of time to dealing with the weed overload in hoophouse #2.  His weeding prowess is greatly appreciated.  I am by nature a fairly messy person and it takes a certain level of chaos to send me into a tizzy.  Weeds in the hoophouse, however, cause me some serious distress. So, this week, the Boss is my "hero"...the hens were quite happy to see his weed offerings as well.

Between the torrential rain and the predicted low temperatures, we are at a virtual standstill in our gardening endeavors.  The propagation greenhouses are nearly bursting at the seams with seedlings that need to be transplanted. Looks like we're in for a busy stretch once the weather breaks.

There are tiny bean plants, little itty, bitty peaches and baby strawberries (among other things) that are all growing nicely.

Unfortunately all of these are in danger for the next couple of days as freezing temperatures are predicted for the next few nights.  We will head out after supper to tuck everything in as best we can in hopes of salvaging the crop.  We will be saying a good many prayers, too...and I can't imagine it would hurt to think warm thoughts.

All in all, a pretty slow week here on the hill.  We're still waiting for Spring to really kick in and things to get busy.  It seems like we are so far behind last year.  But, that's will all work out in the end. The sky always clears ...

Since today is Mother's Day, I want to post a special message.

I know I speak for a great many people when I say...


  We love you, Bonnie!

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