Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In the Truest Sense of the Word

I love words.

I spend a lot of time thinking about words, searching for just the right one, and stringing words together.

Words are amazing.

They grant expression, release, insight, and are our best way to communicate...well, everything we feel it necessary to communicate.

Think about it…

…there are words that just sound like what they mean…like 






                  …there are funny sounding words like fungus that can be paired up randomly…
                                “the fungus among us”

          …there are silly words

                                        …sad words

                                                          …tender, tragic words.

Words are used to communicate our most basic needs to our most lofty dreams and all points in between.

You can have words with someone…one’s word can be his bond…you can find some sort of therapeutic release with a well-placed swear word…there is wordplay…the sarcastic usage…special intonation...

There is the double entendre…you say one thing that can possibly mean something else…oh, I love that!

That is why the first time I saw the bumpersticker at the beginning of this post I knew I just had to have it. Check out I Love

I also realized the Boss would never agree to put it on any of our vehicles.

So I hung it on the bulletin board over my desk, where it makes me chuckle on those days when everything seems to have gone wrong.

Because while there are those who think hot and dirty mean…
well, you know…hot and dirty…wink, wink…

maybe something like this?

But, when you farm…

It simply means…that you are indeed…




                            In the very  TRUEST sense of the word!

Have a great day!

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