Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Walkabout 6-22

from the top of the farm on Monday afternoon
It was a long, HOT week here on the hill.  But, since it’s now officially SUMMER…that’s to be expected, I reckon.   We could certainly use some rain…but, since it’s now officially summer…that’s to be expected too, I reckon.  I’m beginning to repeat myself, so I’ll stop now before I start going on about the brown, crunchy grass in the pastures and my ongoing weather obsessions…
...and I won't mention how parched the garden is at the end of the week...

Despite the heat, it was a fairly productive week and we even made time for a birthday supper after Market.  The first of the “younger generation” reached the big 3-0 this week, so we all got together for supper, some family time and a movie…oh, and cake…and icecream. 

                                    Happy Birthday, Josh!  We love you! 

When I got home from the town run on Monday morning, I heard the chainsaw running.  There were branches everywhere, it looked like an orchard massacre.  The Boss had finally had it with the fruit trees dragging him off the mower as he cut the grass in the orchard.  The harsh weather caused a lot of “winter kill” and there will be little, if any, fruit this year.  But, the orchard looks nice and tidy now and he can mow without any “tree issues”.  

I do have my doubts about the peach tree by the greenhouse, though. 
Don't mess with the Boss
he has a chainsaw and he knows how to use it!
(this tree had some serious issues before the radical trim
and may be cut down entirely)

woolly Waylon

We finally got Waylon shorn!  It’s always a toss-up as to who is more relieved to have that job completed.  Without a doubt he should be cooler, the fleece we removed weighed 10#!  No nicks or cuts, no injuries to the shearer…I’d call that a success.

 …and point out that “Waylon is one big dude!”
shorn Waylon
he's a little lumpy, but he's COOL

After a very long wait, the much-needed part for the tractor finally arrived.  For those of you, who like me, thought he could just pop it on, hop on the tractor and start using the bushhog…think again.  

Repair and maintenance require a lot of knowledge and ability…and hard work. 
I’m just thankful the Boss possesses talent and ability and is able to keep this place running smoothly most of the time.  Looks like the bushhog (and the Boss) might be working overtime this week!

this is the spent broccoli garden
(what a mess!)
after bush hogging and tilling
it will be ready for planting fall potatoes

the garlic harvest begins
The garlic harvest happened this week, too.  While not as amazingly awesome as the "best garlic crop ever",  most of the bulbs were big and beautiful and will be joining the Market line-up soon.  The garlic crop was seriously affected by the cold, cold winter and the harvest was lessened somewhat.  The effects of the Polar Vortex will be felt for a long time, I think.
drying garlic in the barn

green beans ready to harvest

The bounties of summer are finally rolling in.  No, wait a minute.  Nothing rolls in around here.  It takes a lot of work to get all that produce to the Market and I ended up doing a whole lot of sweating out there in the bean patch.  …and all the evidence of my hard work was gone in under an hour!   
Bean basket at the Market
it's 8AM!
So, I’ll be off to pick some more beans soon...maybe this afternoon. I love green beans and while I really don't like picking, picking beans always reminds me of one of the Boss’ friends from our “other life” and it makes me laugh.   Read this.

Occasionally, all the work of summer catches up with us…
"Flat-out tired"
I can totally relate!

It looks like this chick has been working way too hard!  It cracks me up to watch the tiny chicks.  They will scurry around, picking and scratching and cheeping…and then simply fall over and pass out.  They will sleep in the most peculiar places, in the most peculiar positions and then instantly wake up, seemingly completely refreshed, and go back to doing whatever they had been doing when overcome by fatigue. It’s really funny, or maybe I’m just easily amused.

The long, HOT week was capped off by a pretty amazing Market week.  

Market at 7am opening
At the seven o’clock opening, we were fully stocked with what one of our customers referred to as “the amazing, growing bounty of summer”…less than five hours later, this is what remained. (for the record, the Boss is not for sale! He’s priceless…)

All that's left...
one "whooped" farmer

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you’re having a

Happy Sunday!

We’ll spend the next week doing more of the same…along with a little broiler processing…and a LOT of praying for rain.
My beautiful view is looking a little hot and dry

Please come back and visit us again real soon.


  1. Sounds like another successfully busy week of summer! I will gladly send you some of our rain...pretty soon we are going to wash away!

  2. Yes, please...send the rain. But, could you keep the wind and hail and other nasty stuff?
    Hope all is well and that moving-in day is a definite GO. Be safe in the crazy weather.

  3. Oh Barbara, how I enjoyed reading this. Farmers are all the same - I could relate to the chain saw man, to the man repairing the tractor, in fact all the things your farmer does are like the things the farmer here does - he is never happy unless he has alist of things 'to do'. Lovely to see that empty market stall at the end - makes the work worthwhile.

  4. Hey Barbara. That little sleeping chickie cracked me up! I want to sleeeeep like thaaat!
    I always thought there should be a country-wide aqueduct system to shunt too much rain to drought-stricken regions. When I was a child, I also pondered the possibility of cars that drove themselves and also smart roads. That was more than 40 years ago. Ahead of my time, I guess.
    And re: garlic. I am, alas, allergic. But they sure look nice.

  5. The view from the top of your farm is truly spectacular! It looks like it's straight out of a calendar... my goodness, so beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Caitlin!
      It IS beautiful here...we are very blessed.